Friday, November 28, 2008

Preparing for Christmas

The Friday after Thanksgiving I always start preparing the house for Christmas. This year meant moving a couch into the garage so that we could get the tree in the living room. And straightening up the garage (it's not perfect but you don't have to step over things to get in there) so that when Grandma comes to visit (we can't wait) she doesn't hurt herself trying to get in our house. Of course after shopping and cleaning I wasn't feeling like putting up the tree but with Alex (especially Alex), Logan and Kayla asking to put the small tress up in their room I had to get started.

The kids trees are up and we've assembled the tree in the living room. But we won't do the lights, ornaments and train until tomorrow. I've found that 9 p.m. isn't a good time to put ornaments on when you're 4 and 6. Besides right now they're still enjoying some pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving.

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