Friday, October 26, 2007

A's Go Out With A Bang

Last night was the second game for the A's in the double elimination tournaments. We were playing the Royals - a team we had lost to during regular season play. But the A's had improved since then - our defense was better and we played a better offense as well. The team had some great plays - the first baseman catching a pop up and our third baseman making an incredible double play. In fact, Logan even hit it off the pitch and that was rewarding enough to me to be able to see that! Try as they may (and they played a great game) the A's lost by one point in the last inning. I'm sad for the team but it does give some relief to our already crazy schedule.

Way to go A's! What a great season!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Founder's Day Costume Party

Last Saturday was our Girl Scout Service Unit's Founder's Day Costume Party. For those of you who don't know - the founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon-Lowe's, birthday is on Halloween. Usually one troop hosts the Founder's Day Costume Party. Our troop attended. They enjoyed bobbing for apples, playing some games, and dancing to some music. There was also a costume contest and a gross goodie contest. Kayla won second place in the costume contest for her Sirius Black costume. She also won second place for her gross goodie. Her gross goodie was Chocolate Coated Armpit Hairs. You'll have to ask her for the recipe they are quite delicious!

The Tball Tournaments Have Begun

Sunday afternoon marked the start of the double elimination tournaments for tball. I can honestly say it's worse watching a tournament game than it is a regular game. In fact I sat a little further away so I wouldn't yell so much and worry so much. The kids played a great game. We had some good defense and every kid (including Logan) hustled when they hit the ball. We didn't win but that's okay they really played well. Perhaps we'll win tomorrow night when we play our second game. Go As!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Unexpected Shower Guest

Imagine living in a house with 3 children. You're the parent. You never know which of the three children is going to walk in the bathroom while you're trying to enjoy a nice 5 minute peaceful shower alone. Those may be the only five minutes of peace and quiet you get all day. You're just lathering the shampoo in your hair and you hear footsteps walking into the bathroom. You're afraid to see who has come in. Then all of a sudden the guest hops in the shower with you- only it's not one of the kids! It's the three month old puppy jumping in to enjoy a hot shower! That's what happened to Phil this morning as he was getting ready for work. Only the puppy, Montana, not only got in once but twice!

Hiking Fun

These are just a few of the photos of everyone enjoying the hike in the mountains.

This was the first time we didn't have to carry anyone on our shoulders.

Everyone was able to walk the whole time and enjoy the outdoors.

Lunch After Pumpkins

Just down the road from the Pumpkin farm is a little campground with a little store at the front. They serve hot dogs and sandwiches at a pretty reasonable price. It's been a tradition to stop there either before or after choosing our pumpkins for lunch. This is the picture of the kids in front of their chili dog sign.

Looking for Pumpkins

It has been a tradition since we've moved to Georgia to drive up to Burt's Pumpkin Farm and pick out our Halloween pumpkins. It's always busy and it's a sea of pumpkins from the little tiny squash pumpkins to ones that weigh probably over 100 pounds. The kids have fun running through the pumpkins and choosing the perfect one and then having a nice caramel popcorn ball when we go check out.

Then we head up to Amicalola State Park and hike for an hour or two on the approach trail to the Appalachian Mountains.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Some Fall Fun

The leaves are finally starting to fall here and the temperatures are coming down. I think this is the kids favorite time of the year to play outside. The weather isn't too hot and the leaves are ripe for jumping. Wednesday night the kids had some fun raking their own leaves and burying each other in the leave piles.

Kayla Inducted Into Jr. Beta Club

A week ago Kayla was formally inducted into the Jr. Beta Club. I know I've mentioned it before but not she's officially a member. Here's a photo after she's been inducted and with three of her good friends (Emma, Abney and Jessie).

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Every Woman Should Know

What I learned last night as I sat with a dead battery in the Kohl's parking lot that every woman should know:

1. Every woman should know how to open the hood of their car.
2. Every woman should know how to check the oil, the transmission fluid, and the windshield washer fluid.
3. Every woman should know to carry jumper cables (I did) in her vehicle and know how to use them.
4. Every woman should know how to change her own oil.
5. Every woman should know how to change a tire.
6. Every woman should know how to check the air pressure in her tire.
7. Every woman should know a good mechanic.

If every woman knew that then maybe more than one person would have offered to help jump start the van (I had jumper cables) last night and I wouldn't have had to call Phil to come do it.

Logan Scores the Winning Run!

Logan's team now has won 2 games! Each game they play a little bit better. Last Friday the played against the Cubs and only lost by 2 points. A 2 point loss is very good considering the Cubs were undefeated. And the kids did a good job that night.

Well Saturday (as I had to work at one of the 3 meetings I attend each year) the A's played against the Giants. They have the same skill set as the A's and one of Logan's friends (and the son of Phil's colleagu), Blake, plays on the Giants. As the story was told to me it was a close game the whole time with both teams playing well. But the most exciting play was Logan sliding into home for the game winning run! I'm sad I missed it but he was the happiest little guy for scoring that run.

I'm sure we'll see some good games this weekend as the As close out the season and wait for the post season play in the next two weeks to come. Go As!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Exciting News!

Nope we're not pregnant! Today I just got a promotion. I am now the Assistant Manager of Standards-Administration. Of course this comes with a raise. :) This is a big deal since my department normally has only engineers as Assistant Managers. This is very exciting news!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Phil!

Happy Birthday to you. (Cha, cha, cha.) Happy Birthday to you. (Cha, cha, cha.) Happy Birthday dear Phil. Happy Birthday to you. (Cha, cha, cha.) Happy 37th Birthday Phil!

Pedros vs. Athletics

On Saturday the Athletics were recovering from a Friday night lose. They were motivated to play harder and better than the night before. They hit the ball, they ran fast, they overall fielded better. For the first time this season THEY WON! So next time you talk to Logan say congratulations. The team was very happy!

Tigers vs. Braves

It was Saturday 9 a.m. The players were still tired from their late Friday night of watching cartoons until 9 p.m. We were down 3 players. One of our players, Alex, played a very good game even though he was fighting a case of the croup. Despite being outnumbered the Tigers clearly one the game.:)