Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Orioles vs. Yankees

Last night Logan had yet another game - three games in a row now. The Orioles played the Yankees. This was a significant game for some of the players because the coaches of the Yankees were their coaches in the Fall. This was the case for Logan, Bricen and Zach. The Orioles all played their best and had a great game! Logan had his best hitting night of the season. On his first at bat he hit a double off the pitch, his second at bat he hit another double off the pitch, and his third at bat he hit a single off the pitch. I videotaped him because Phil couldn't be there and Logan asked me too. I'm uploading the video here that has video I took all last night. (I don't know how to cut up the video or I'd spare everyone.) Turn off your volume because you'll just hearing me yelling at Logan to run and I'll be the first to admit it's pretty loud. (So if you leave the volume on don't say I didn't warn you.)

Needless to say the Orioles won the game! They were excited! On the way out of the park we saw Coach Manus and he asked Logan how he learned to hit like that and told him good game. I think that made Logan happy. (We told him it was the new 19 ounce bat he swings.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Who's Being Invited to My Birthday Party....

Logan is inviting Bon Jovi to my birthday party. :) Perhaps it's because I've been talking about going to the Bon Jovi concert (April 30th) for quite some time now. But he promises to build the group a stage so that they can sing for my birthday. Isn't that sweet? How awesome would it be if they actually could come? (Hey! One can wish can't they?)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Orioles vs White Sox

Today the Orioles played the White Sox. The Orioles started out strong maintaining a tie in runs scored. They worked hard but in the bottom of the 4th the White Sox took the lead 12 to 7. The Orioles tried to come back in the 5th inning but weren't able to do it. They did their best. Tonight Logan even hit a pop fly off the pitch. Unfortunately, the ball was caught in the air by the opposing team but it was an awesome hit and the other team did't think that he could hit like that. Way to go Logan and the Orioles!

Orioles vs. Reds

Yesterday the Orioles played against the undefeated Reds. Their first inning resulted in no runs. During the second inning the Orioles picked up some steam and started scoring and their defense dramatically improved. They tried hard to keep the Red Sox from scoring but ultimately ended up losing. Great team work Orioles!

Tour De Mulberry

On Saturday a small group of Kayla's Girl Scout troop went biking (a.k.a Tour De Mulberry) at Little Mulberry Park. We took (my first) the trail that rode from the playground side to the large pond side. The cut through trail was a huge hill which was fun going down but not so fun riding back up. We got a little bit lost when starting out. Then we had one girl do a flip over her bike handles with the bike going in the air. Luckily she just ended up with a scraped up knee and leg. So we've officially changed her title to bike acrobat artist. It was a fun two hour ride.

Pirates vs. Yankees

Yesterday the Pirates played the Yankees. Despite a rough start (dirt in the coach's face) and a few teary eyes the Pirates pulled out a win against the Yankees. The Pirates paid attention to the ball while in the field and many hit off the pitch at bat. Alex played just behind circle and shared the ball with Leke (Alex would stop it and hand it to Leke) and then Leke would throw it to first base. They were working as a team. Way to go Pirates!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Logan's Pre-K Graduation Photo

Logan will graduate from Pre-K on May 20th of this year and be ready to start Kindergarten in the Fall. Time sure has flown these past 5 plus years. He is growing into quite a wonderful (albeit loud) young man. This is the photo taken in the Pre-K program at school.

Montana the Rabbit?

I think Montana is a rabbit in a dog's body. We used to be able to leave him outside in the fenced in back yard with Mandy during the day but we now have to leave him crated. I know it's not fair and it breaks our heart to do it but he jumps (used to climb) the fence. He looks like a gigantic rabbit as he does it. He doesn't go far usually. He jumps the neighbors fence on the left to play with their lab Duke and then ventures into a yard behind our house to visit those dogs, and then next door to play with Jessie's dog Marlee. I guess Mandy just isn't enough entertainment for him.

Well last night we really saw his abilities to jump. Of all the kids I think Montana is most attached to Logan. Logan lays on him, wrestles with him,and rides him. As Logan was laying in his bed getting ready to go to sleep Montana JUMPED up into the bed with him. This doesn't seem like much of a feet if you have a regular bed but the boys have a bunk bed and Logan is in the top bunk. I guess when a dog loves you he'll do anything to cuddle with you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And the game ball goes to...

Today was Game 5 for the Pirates. They played against the Astros. It was a close game but the Pirates pulled it out for the win! Pretty good since they were playing on a substitue field. With the lack of rain there was lots of DIRT! All the kids were in dire needs of a bath after that game. The game ball tonight went to Alex! He hustled and was a good hitter tonight! Well deserved Alex! We love you.

Tomekichi Martial Arts Demo Team

On Saturday night the Tomekichi Martial Arts Demo Team had their first public demonstration. They looked really good and enjoyed themselves and quickly got over their case of the nerves. They had a very receptive audience. After completing the demonstrations of their combinations each of them got to break a board. I've uploaded the video from that night, hopefully it will load. Enjoy! (Kayla great job - we're proud of you!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Game 4 Pirates vs The Red Sox

This morning was a misty rain mix and the fields were wet but the games were on. The kids did well despite the rain. Alex played at third base and enjoyed it - although he likes to play all positions and catch all the balls. Today's game a tie. Way to go Pirates!

Orioles Game 7 vs. The Angels

Friday night was game 7 for the Orioles and they played the undefeated Angels. At the top of the 5th the Orioles were done 20 to 11 but they weren't ready to throw the towel in. The Orioles scored 10 runs and it was 21 to 20. They tried very hard to win but lost 22 to 21. Way to go Orioles! Even with a loss they played as a team and had fun! (Logan hit one of the pitch tonight towards the shorstop - way to go Logan!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thai Boxing Testing

Tonight Kayla (solo) tested for her green belt. Although I didn't see but the end of the testing from what I saw it was a tough test. For her endurance (and testing of her combination knowledge) she did 20 minutes of her orange belt combinations. This was in addition to all the push ups (some on a ball!), sit ups (holding a weighted ball) and crunches. She completed her test by breaking a board with a right kick. Biggest board broken in the kids' classes yet. Even better she got her green belt tonight! Way to go Kayla! We're proud of you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And the Game Ball Goes To...........

LOGAN!!!! Tonight in game six for the Orioles Logan got the game ball. While I didn't get to see but the last inning I did get to hear about his plays and see him receive the ball. Logan switched to a longer and heavier bat tonight. He may have looked strange being so tiny with a 29 inch bat but it seemed to help him tonight. He did hit one off the pitch tonight as well as 3 times off the tee. In addition to his hits he took a ball for the team in the face while playing in the outfield and he had an assist for an out at 2nd base. The team won 20 to 16 tonight and for not having played for over a week and a half they did a great job! Way to go Orioles!

Alex's Favorite Animal - The Cow

I learned an interesting fact yesterday about Alex. His favorite animal is the cow. When I asked him why his favorite animal is a cow he replied, "Because I like milk."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tom-Toms From Africa

Saturday night Phil, Logan and I were watching Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back and Logan was full of questions. In fact, he asked a lot about the Tom-Tom creatures pictured here. On his own Logan determined that they still exist today in Africa. So if you're looking to see one of these be sure to book your flight now.

More Outside Projects and Discoveries

This weekend had us working on some more outdoor projects as part of the "year of the yard". Saturday night Phil was able to cut down most of a holly tree (shaped like a Christmas tree and very prickly) in our front yard. Now the task is to remove the root system which seems a bit complex. While he did that I raked some of the bare spots in our yard and laid some new grass seed along with laying some mulch in the area we cleared the weekend before.

We didn't ever start the shed that has been sitting 1/2 finished for over a year now. Phil removed some siding near our front porch - only to discover that we had some termites. Luckily we caught it before they got into our house! He replaced the bottom four boards with some hardiplank siding and placed some cement below it so that there was no longer any ground contact (which we didn't know about until we removed the siding.). But all in all the new hardiplank (along with new sheathing underneath) looks very nice. We'll be replacing the siding on the chimney later this spring and now we know how to do it and that should prove to be an easier task.

For those of you who know Phil - you'll be suprised and proud to know that not once did he swear during the siding project! Even as it took us several attempts to get the siding level and numerous bent nails to get it hooked to the sheathing. He didn't get upset as I laughed at each bent nail. :)


This weekend I opened up the turbo style water guns since it had been in the 80s on Friday and Saturday would be near 70. Kayla was gone so she wasn't able to enjoy the fun but the boys really enjoyed playing with them, shooting each other and Phil and I. This leads to the conspiracy. Sunday (as Phil is trying to replace some siding - another story) Logan stands on the front porch and sprays Phil with the gun. It wasn't much but it got Phil wet and it was windy and cool that day. In retaliation Phil throws a glass of water on Logan. Logan upset says, "Now I have to go inside because you got me all wet!"

Meanwhile inside Logan convinces Alex to get some water in a cup, take it outside and throw on Phil. Phil hears Logan say, "Tell him it was your idea Alex." Needless to say (while covering up the desire to laugh) Phil thwarts their plan to get him wet but I bet it won't be long before those two conspire to get even again.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Savings Galore

I recently joined the grocery game. It has enabled me to save quite a bit of money on our groceries. For $1 you can try it for yourself for one week and the cost afterwards is $10 for 8 weeks. Since we usually shop at Krogers that is the store I've chosen. During my first week I saved $61 and that was without any manufacturer coupons. The second week (this week) I did have coupons and I saved $96.56 total! That was 45 percent of my total grocery bill.

The website tells you all the advertised and unadvertised sales, along with when there are coupons and where you would have received them from. It also lets you know if it's at the lowest price and if it's an item you should stock up on. I'll continue using this as long as I continue to see these amazing savings!

Phil's 911 Experience

Yesterday while Phil enjoyed his time at home with the kids he phoned me at work to discuss something (I think mostly to rub it in that they had all slept in) and realized he forgot to mention something. He redialed my number or so he thought but only to mistakenly have called 911. As they answered he freaked out and hung up. A very short time later the 911 operator called him back and repeatedly kept asking if everything was all right. The morale of this story is that if you accidentally connect to 911 you need to just stay on the line and tell them it was a mistake.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just For Kids

I'm telling Kayla how she won't be able to watch "I Am Legend" because it's too scarey. Logan says to me, "We're going to watch the dinosaur movie." I look puzzled and Kayla says, "It's Juraissic Park 3." Then Logan chimes in and says, "Yeah it's on Nicklodeon and it's just for kids!"

Sunday - Not a Day of Rest

Sunday we did our usual schedule of going to church - although we did go to the earlier Mass since I was a reader. That meant we were home by about 10:00 a.m. So everyone relaxed a little while I cut coupons and we watched a few cartoons.

But then it was time for the yard work. This summer is the year of the yard. Since everyone (except Kayla now) likes to be outside enjoying the sunshine we'll be able to get more work done in our yard. If you've been to our house or have seen photos when you face the house and look to the right you'll see a row of trees surrounded by lots of leaves on the ground. Well not so much anymore.

Sunday had us raking out all the leaves, cutting down dead trees, pulling out vines, and getting all the dead limbs out. Of course the yard that didn't have the leaves now looks like a mess.

The best part was unveiling two swinging vines that now matter how hard we pulled they wouldn't come down. Kayla, Logan, and Alex have been having lots of fun swinging like Tarzan. Too bad there's only two vines or they could all swing at the same time.

Spring Break Starts

Well on Friday at 4:30 p.m. Spring Break officially started in our house. Well for those that teach or go to school. I don't get a Spring Break. We are looking forward to not having to go to tons of things every night for a change and Phil gets a slight break from his current classes. (Aside from some online assignments.) Of course the first full day of Spring Break was a rainy one so we ventured down to the Discover Mills mall for lunch and some slot car racing. The kids had fun racing some cars. I watched some people race their own cars instead of renting one and wow can they go fast.

After racing some cars we ventured over to the Lego Store another favorite place to hang out at least for the boys. When items are on clearance there they're actually reasonable. Of course no trip is complete without visiting the Bass Pro shop and seeing the huge fish tank or heading down to the bookstore for some train table action and some book reading.

By the time we made it around the Mall we were all tired and ready to go home to rest. But it kept us from going stir crazy as it rained all day and into the night.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ready for Marriage?

Marriage has been a topic of discussion lately with Logan and Alex. I'm not sure why but it has been. Last night Kayla, Logan and I are driving to Thai Boxing when Logan says, "I think I found someone special to marry." I asked, "Who is that?" Logan replies, "Casey." I reply, "Have you already asked her?" Logan says, "No not yet but I will."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life In Middle School

Last night was the parent's night for the rising 6th graders at Osborne Middle School. It doesn't seem possible that as of next year we'll be parents of a middle schooler. We went to the advanced gifted math program informational meeting that will in essence have Kayla learning three years of algebra in a two year span (6th and 7th grade) and make it possible for her to take Calculus her Junior year and Statistics her Senior year of high school. This is edition to the Probe (gifted) program that has her learning at a faster pace in all her core subjects and allowing her to participate in more enrichment activities that apply what they've learned.

Then it was off to the learning about middle school in general and the school policies. I didn't go to Phil's team's room to embarrass - although the thought did cross my mind. We learned about their typical day and that Kayla will need to think about whether or not she wants to take some type of musical class (chorus, band or orchestra). However we do have some time to make that decision but the Fall will be here before we know it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Game 5: Orioles vs. Yankees

Last night's game had a little extra meaning for three of our players and one of our coaches because we were playing against a team that had our previous coaches as the coaches. The kids were determined to win. Win they did. The score 20 to 9. Logan had a good night. At his first at bat he did hit two fouls off the pitch with finally having to hit it off the tee and made it to first base. For his second at bat he hit it off the tee and again had a single and eventually scored the 5th run for that inning. His third at bat generated an RBI. Unfortunately there weren't a lot of heavy hitters on the Yankees team and Logan didn't see any balls in the outfield. During the fourth inning Logan got to play third base (which made his night). The Orioles played as a team and did a great job. Way to go Orioles!