Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life is Fun in Georgia

I thought I'd take a stap at blogging again. I've tried it once before. It usually lasts for a couple of months and then I drop off the face of the earth it seems. But it is therapuetic telling everyone about what really happens here. We're all back in the swing of things (I think) now that the holidays are over. I thought maybe I'd share some highlights from the holidays. The kids (because Logan asked for it and a motorcycle for Daddy from Santa) got a trampoline for Christmas. In the south you can jump just about year round. Well one day in particular it had been raining (and in the low 50s) and Logan said to me, "Mom I can wear my bathing suit and jump on the trampoline. Isn't that a good idea? Don't you get it?" Of course I didn't let him jump in his suit.

One of the favorite things Alex received, from his Aunt Chris and Uncle Ed (remember what comes around goes around) was a microphone with stand. On our trip back from Florida Alex sang in it all the way home. The funny thing is that the next week at school when it was his Holiday program he refused to sing. Now the microphone stand is trying to channel people because even though it's off it makes strange noises.

Kayla has become quite the gamer since she received a Nintendo DS for Christmas. In fact, with the help of Uncle Tony, she has become quite good at the Princess Peach game. She's busy and tomorrow (the 19th) will start selling Girl Scout cookies. Our favorite time of year.