Monday, March 31, 2008

Batting Practice

Logan had batting practice last night at the cage. This is an ongoing thing the coach's on his team do to help the coach learn where each kid's sweet spot is so that they can hit the ball off the pitch during the game. Logan did a good job and was able to hit off the pitch several times (including one over the coach's head). He's learning not to step out and back away from the pitch. We think he just needs a little longer bat so he can reach the ball. We had a fun time watching him. Now that he's had a taste of hitting off the pitch he doesn't enjoy practing hitting them off the tee. Of course who would enjoy that?

Game 4 - Orioles vs. Reds

Game 4 for the Orioles showcased a better prepared and focused team that played as a team. The Orioles lost but they lost after playing their best and playing together, which is more important than winning. Logan had his first hit off the pitch at the game and made it in and didn't get out. We were very proud. He also had three balls hit out to him in left field and he was able to throw them in (with a good throw) to the infield at second base. Way to go Logan we're proud of you!

Game 2 - Pirates vs. Cardinals

Saturday's game of the Pirates vs. the Cardinals was a good match. The Pirates played a good game. The kids were running to first base just like they should and some even hit it off the pitch. Alex did a great job today hitting it off the tee along with some great stops and throws from first base. Way to go Alex!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Beginning of the End and the Start of the New

Today symbolizes the beginning of the end of one phase of Kayla's life (the end of elementary school) and the start of a new phase(MIDDLE SCHOOL!). Today during the day Kayla and the rest of her 5th grade class came to Osborne Middle for their "tour" of the school and to learn about some of the things that they can expect this upcoming year. Of course she already knows her way around the school since she starts and ends her day everyday with her Dad but she did learn somethings about the classes and class schedules.

Then tonight was the last of her Chorus concerts. It was a beautiful concert and we really enjoyed it. But this is also the last concert that she will have as an elementary student. I was a little teary eyed as I watched her sing realizing that she isn't a little girl anymore and that she is growing up into a beautiful young lady. We're very proud of her.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Game Three Orioles vs. White Sox

Last night was the Oriole's third game of the season. This time they played against the White Sox, who at the time was undefeated. Unfortunately the Orioles were having a bad night and looked more like the Bad News Bears than playing as well as they had before. But for Logan it was a really good night. He had three balls that were hit to him in left field. He got them all and threw them in to the infield. They were some of the best throws we've seen from him. When he was up to bat he had a fantastic hit towards the third base line. He was able to make it on base. Sadly he didn't score because the next three players got out but he did great. I think he was disappointed he didn't get the game ball but it wasn't really a game where you wanted to receive the ball. I can say we were very PROUD of the way he played last night. Way to go Logan!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter In Georgia

I really enjoy Easter because to me it's one of the least stressful or rather most relaxed holidays. There isn't much prep work and it truly seems to be a more spiritual holiday. The only thing we had to do was clean the house - which took about 2 days (or 1/2 a day per Friday and Saturday). We colored Easter eggs and this was the first year I barely had to supervise. Everyone can now remove their eggs from the cups filled with egg dye. Then it was just getting everyone to bed at an early time. We got up early - enjoyed our Easter baskets and then hunted for the color eggs. Then it was time to get ready for church. After church, we came home relaxed for an hour and then prepped the meal. We enjoyed our Easter feast with Carrie and Jason. Then after they left we watched several movies (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and Enchanted - both cute) and everyone was ready for bed.

Happy Belated Easter!

Underwear or Panties? You Decide.

Time in our vehicle always ends in interesting and humorous comments or discussions and this Easter Sunday was no exception. We were coming home from Easter Sunday Mass when I commented to Kayla that the way she was sitting in her dress I could see her underwear. Logan chimed in and said, "Mom, girls don't wear underwear they wear panties." We asked who told him that and he replied, "I just know." So if you're a female or you're talking about female undergarments when Logan is around be sure you use the correct term for girl's underwear ("panties") or he might just correct you.

The Pirates First Game

Saturday the Pirates (FINALLY) had their first game against the Braves. For about 1/2 the team this is their first time playing on dirt. Remarkably most of them left the dirt alone. They had some difficulties finding the base since they were playing on a larger field with two sets of bases down. Alex had some great stops and throws to first base during the game and ran really fast when it was his turn to hit the ball. I think (despite some errors running to third instead of first) the Pirates won! Way to go Pirates!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Little Too Tired

A couple of nights ago Phil witnessed a strange thing with Logan. Logan had fallen asleep on the couch that night and Phil had yet to take him to bed. I was already asleep at this time. All of sudden Logan got up and moved towards the downstairs and started to pee on the steps to the kitchen. (Luckily Phil stopped him before too much damage was done.) We think he was trying to get to the backyard and pee off the back patio square, which he sometimes does when the weather was warm. Phil was able to manuever him to the bathroom to finish his business and then put him to bed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Game 2 Orioles vs. Red Sox

Today was the game 2 makeup day for the Orioles. The sun was shining and the team was ready to play a good game. Logan's first at bat resulted in his out but him receiving an RBI. His second at bat resulted in a double and an eventual point scored. He even go to play 3rd base in the third inning. Logan stopped two balls that came his way. Way to go Logan! The Orioles won 16 to 15 with the game called on account of time. Way to go UNDEFEATED Orioles! Keep up the good work and keep earning those stars for your ball caps!

Kayla All As

For her third quarter grades Kayla received all As and a 4(highest you can get) in Focus. Way to go Kayla we're proud of you!

Rainout for the Pirates!

The Pirates season is off to a slow start for two weeks now the games have been called due to weather. This past Saturday's game was called due to severe thunderstorms and possible tornados. Many of the Pirates, Alex included, were disappointed that they weren't able to play. They're all looking forward to their first game next Saturday!

Friday Game One Orioles

Friday was the first game for the Orioles this season. It was uncertain if the game was going to occur due to impending storms approaching but the league decided to play. The first game was against the Cubs. Logan had a good game. He played in left field and was able to stop a ball that came to him and throw it into shortstop. He hit off the tee each time he was at bat and had an RBI for each time as well. The team played great and won 20 to 9! Way to go Orioles!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's 75 - How Many Shirts Do You Need?

It's 75 degrees outside, or will be, how many shirts do you need? According to Logan when it's going to be 75 degrees out you need at least 4 shirts. It's important to dress in layers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Logan

While we were gone - Phil and the boys stopped to pick up some Chinese. While in the restaurant Logans says to Phil that he needs to get two mints - one for Kayla and one for Mommy. Logan comes home and tells Phil that he needs to make a card. He writes Kayla and Mom (on his own) and then draws a picture of us. He made sure to give it to us when we got home.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Surviving Savannah

Well Kayla and I just returned yesterday from the Girl Scout Troop 1414 trip to Savannah. I say surviving but it wasn't that. It was a lot of fun. We were busy almost the entire time. I really enjoyed getting to see the girls in a different light and learn a little bit more about each of them. But the highlight of the trip would be as follows:

1. Seeing Captain Jack Sparrow at The Pirate House
2. The big candy shop on River Street
3. Casey - the flower maker on River Street
4. Finding 20 live Sand Dollars on the beach by the Marine Science Center
5. The Carriage Ride Ghost Tour
6. The "Newscast" of the Scout's Own Ceremony
7. The silly giggles of the girls
8. The Dolphin Boat Tour
9. The Lighthouse
10. The secret swearing not to tell.

It was more than that but those would be the highlights. I really did have a great time. It was worth being exhausted today to be able to be a part of that with Kayla. It's a memory I'll always treasure.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trying to Be More Thankful and Positive

It seems like when it rains it pours and I was upbeat and positive about it all but then the tides turned when they totalled our van. Although I've been thinking it's only money and we'll make things work and prayer certainly helps. Things could be worse. Keep my co-worker in your thoughts as she was rear ended this morning by another driver and has had to go to the hospital. We talked some this morning and her husband assures me she's okay. Keep her in your prayers and hopefully soon I'll hear some good news. So I'm thankful that with our accident no one was hurt only our van.

I've also been reading another blog that makes me thankful for what I've had. It's a very positive and powerful blog. It's the story of a husband whose wife has cystic fibrosis and who is on the donor list for a lung transplant and the birth of their precious daughter (premature). It's really uplifting to read. So if you need to be uplifted please visit Confessions of A CF Husband and read it. I'm sure that the prayers for their family have done wonders as well.

So I'm thankful that God has only given us financial hardships to deal with and not physical or medical challenges. But if he does I'm sure he'll help us through that as well.

Girl Scout Cookies

It's that favorite time of the year - delivery of Girl Scout Cookies. We just received our portion of the Girl Scout Cookies on Saturday. I spent Sunday until about 10:30 p.m. sorting them so that they can be delivered to their respective purchasers. But I must say that if you didn't purchase a box of Lemon Chalet cookies that you should - they are the new cookie this year and are delicious! So if you still want to try one give us a call or support your local Girl Scouts and pick up a box at the nearest booth sale you come across.