Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Game Three Orioles vs. White Sox

Last night was the Oriole's third game of the season. This time they played against the White Sox, who at the time was undefeated. Unfortunately the Orioles were having a bad night and looked more like the Bad News Bears than playing as well as they had before. But for Logan it was a really good night. He had three balls that were hit to him in left field. He got them all and threw them in to the infield. They were some of the best throws we've seen from him. When he was up to bat he had a fantastic hit towards the third base line. He was able to make it on base. Sadly he didn't score because the next three players got out but he did great. I think he was disappointed he didn't get the game ball but it wasn't really a game where you wanted to receive the ball. I can say we were very PROUD of the way he played last night. Way to go Logan!

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