Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where does the time go?

It seems like forever since I've done any updates on the blog. It's definitely not because of lack of activities. It's probably because of so many activities that I don't have time to write. The boys finished out the baseball season. Now they are both doing wrestling three nights a week and loving it. Kayla won second place at the County level for a wonderful Reflections photo. She's been busy getting ready to compete for district band in December by participating in a clinic with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Not to mention all of Logan's boy scouting activities. This week we'll be getting the house cleaned up so that we can start putting up the Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving. We'll be busy writing letters to Santa too. Maybe as the month goes on I'll actual be able to upload picutres of all the fun things we've been up to. Until then wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Red Sox vs. Royals

On Saturday was Alex's game against the Royals. Unfortunately the Royals only had seven players at the game and had to forfeit so it makes it an automatic win for the Red Sox. However, both teams agreed that they would play the game for fun. It was nice for Phil because he got to move some kids that might not otherwise play the infield in. Alex was very excited. He does rotate between the outfield and the infield. Alex had an awesome game. He is very close to hitting it off the pitch (he tends to foul them). He also got a line drive! He loved it especially since he's been practicing catching balls in the air. Of course he got the game ball! He was the happiest little guy around.

Rangers vs. Braves (Back to Back)

Friday night the Rangers (Logan's team) played the Braves. The kids did a great job and seemed to be on fire both offensively and defensively. Everyone was hitting and the team seemed to be in sync. Logan got hits at each at bat. What a great game on Phil's birthday. The Rangers and the Braves met the next day to battle it out again. Unfortunately (our theory is that the field wasn't wet) when they met on Saturday the Rangers lost. Logan did hit at each at bat but after his first at bat he was forced out at 2nd base. But it was still a fun game to watch since it was the first kid pitch game of the season.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rangers vs. Dodgers

Yesterday the Rangers played a makeup game for the game that was cancelled on Saturday due to what else, rain. Everyone was hoping for a better game last night and boy did the boys do well. Logan was moved to second in the lineup. At his first at bat he got a home run (the first point of the game). When he gets into home plate he picks up his bat and as he's running to the dugout does a little victory raising of the bat. (I so wish I brought a camera for that I was laughing out loud.) At Logan's second at bat he got a triple. Not to bad. Looked like he was going to do the circut with his batting.

At his third at bat he got a single but it would have been a double had he not hesitated as he rounded first. Still was awesome and still resulted in him scoring another run. The other big hitter last night was Mike (first time ball player) getting a home run! What a game.

Logan also had an awesome night playing catcher. He got the ball and was able to tag a runner out at home! He was on fire.

While they were doing the game recap and having a snack everyone was asking about the game ball. Coach Greg asked who they thought was going to get it. Logan said it's me (not over confident is he?)! Sure enough it was him. What a great end to a wonderful game!

Red Sox vs. Cubs

Friday night was a busy night for me. Both Logan and Alex were playing at the same time. I was assigned (my own fault) to do dugout for Alex's team. Thanks to Kayla who did it instead I was able to see both boys play some ball. Alex at each at bat clipped a piece of the ball or fouled it off the pitch. He's so close to being a pitch hitter. :)

He was excited to be able to play shortstop for 2 innings and almost caught a pop up. He's really been practicing that skill a lot. The team ultimately won 17 to 12! The team is now 2 and 1. Their next game will be Saturday. Can't wait to see how they do then.

Rangers vs. White Sox

Well Friday night Logans' team (the Rangers) played against the Red Sox. It was a bit evident that the team hadn't played in two weeks because of all the rain the area has been having. Logan only got up to bat once (and he was fifth in the lineup). He did hit the ball and got a single. He was one of the two runners that scored the entire game. He did love playing catcher the whole game. They ultimately lost 17 to 2 (15 point mercy rule). His coach asked the team, "Do you know why major league teams play a 162 game season? Because they have games like this."

Despite the loss they were all in good spirits. They were ready to play harder for the next game.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reflections Adventure

Yesterday the family (except me) had the day off as a result of all the rain that we had. Phil took the kids to the park to get out of the house since the sun finally reappeared. He took them in an area that was closed off. (If I was there we wouldn't have gone and I guess they wouldn't have had as much fun.) Kayla is going to be entering a Reflections contest at school and wanted to take pictures that she felt illustrated the theme "Beauty is..."

These are just a few of the shots she took. There were over 200 photos on the sd card but I just picked a few of my favorites to share. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An End to the Torrential Downpours!

It looks like we are finally at the end of the torrential downpours. I can actually see some sunshine peeking out of the clouds! It's amazing. I'm happy to say that we had no damage to our home or any of our property as a result of the rains. I think Logan is disappointed that we didn't get our kitchen flooded. He said if the kitchen flooded than we'd have an indoor swimming pool. We could take a breath, swim to the microwave, take a breath, and swim back.

Of course my mom in her wisdom said then we could eat out every night. :) Hmm...nope still wouldn't want the kitchen flooded.

Hopefully the waters will recede soon for those that are stranded in their neighborhoods and on the major interstates. My prayers go out to those families that lost loved ones or their homes in the storms.

Monday, September 21, 2009

When Will the Rain End?????

I know I shouldn't complain because until recently our area has been in a drought.... But we've had a week solid of rain. Not that steady nice rain but torrential downpours, thunder and lightening. One day of thunderstorms seems doable but in the metro Atlanta area in the last twenty-four hours we've had between six and twelve inches of rain. So much rain that a lot of local area schools have been closed due to power outages and flooding. In fact one area of a highway collapsed (no one was hurt) due to the wait of the standing water. Perhaps I hate it more because a normal forty-five to fifty minute commute took in excess of three hours this morning.

The forecast - seems to appear that there is no end in sight for the rain that looks to continue through next weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quotes from the Kids

The other day the boys and I were driving home from the Mall and they decided to talk about what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Logan said that he didn't want to go in the Army because he would be killed. So he wanted to be a fire fighter instead. (Of course I didn't tell him that being a fireman wasn't always the safest job either.)

Alex said he wanted to be a teacher at Duncan Creek Elementary School. First he was going to be a second grade teacher and then he decided that he would be a Kindergarten teacher instead. (I think he enjoys playing in centers. Of course he's not quite enjoying all the new rules that have come with being in Kindergarten.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Girl Scout Camping Adventure

Kayla and I just got back on Sunday from a Girl Scout Camping Adventure. I have to say it was probably one of my favorite Girl Scout camping weekends I've had as a leader. The troop was checking out the camp grounds where we will be hosting the Ingathering in May 2010. (Ingathering is like a big camporee for all the girls in our Service Unit that wish to attend.) The girls tried out some of the add on activities that we are going to be offering for Ingathering along with meeting with the camp director to bounce their ideas off of.

The girls did a high ropes course challenge. I was proud of all of them. It was especially frightening watching them do the team building exercise walking across a two wire bridge about 40 feet in the air. It was amazing to watch the girls talk each other across as they met in the middle to exchange ropes (that only came to the middle). I was really proud of Kayla watching her do those and it never appearing that she was afraid.

We also did the Swing by Choice (basically a trapeze) that takes you up 50 feet in the air, you let go, drop and swing. One girl said it was worth the wedgie! Not sure I'm ready to say that but I'm glad I tried it.

I had a very nice bonding moment with Kayla that I won't share here because I don't want to embarrass her but it really made the camping experience more special for me. Now it's back to our normal crazy busy home schedule.

Baseball Updates

The downside to being gone is that I don't always remember to update the blog about (yep it's that time of the year again) the baseball games. On Saturday morning Logan had his first game of Pee Wee A baseball and played the catcher the entire game. He had a total of 4 RBIs in the game and hit the ball at all three of his at bats. While they lost the game it wasn't by much - a mere 2 points.

Alex's first game was on Saturday night. Alex at his first at bat hit it off the pitch and later in the game hit one off the tee for a triple! He enjoyed playing outfield and second base! The team won by 1 point! Go team!

Alex's second game was yesterday. Sadly they didn't win the game but they (and this is the most important thing) had fun playing. Alex did strike out at one at bat but you can see he's maturing as a player because this time he didn't cry and hustled back in. He played the outfield, second base and circle this game! He was in heaven!

Kudos to Phil for getting the boys to where the needed to be and for coaching Alex's team to a victory on Saturday while Kayla and I enjoyed a Girl Scout Camping weekend.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Little Scout

Logan has been waiting so patiently for the year he finally gets to be a cub scout. I think part of the excitement has been caused by watching how much fun that Kayla has as a Girl Scout. Of course, I'm thinking that by sending Phil to the Cub Scout Roundup I'm safe because he won't volunteer to do anything he already coaches baseball. Well that was the wrong answer. He volunteered to be an assistent Den leader (they tried to get him to be the den leader - whew he said no to that). Logan's getting his badges sewn on his Tiger Scout shirt but I had to take a picture of what he looked like when he went to his first Tiger Scout meeting. So cute! I'm sure I'll have lots more pictures as the year goes on.

Happy Birthday Logan

Happy Birthday Logan! It's hard to believe that you're already 7 years old. The time has flown so quickly. We can remember the day you were born and Kayla being so excited to be a big sister for the first time. You are turning into quite the young man. You have such a wonderful sense of humor and we love to see you smile. We hope you're enjoying yourself on your special day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Week of School a Success

I think the first week of school for Alex, Logan and Kayla was a success. Alex is loving Kindergarten and thinks it's great! He loves his teachers Ms. Lawrence and Ms. Padova (Logan's teachers from last year :)). Logan is loving Ms. Argo and being in first grade. Kayla LOVES 7th grade.

What a great start to the new school year!

Man (Child) vs. Food

On Friday night we decided to venture over to the local Taco Bell (also known as Toxic Hell) for dinner. Alex was actually excited about eating there despite the fact that this Taco Bell doesn't have Pizza Hut pizza. He was all set to eat a bean burrito no onions of course. He was going to be like Man vs. Food and he was going to win. He didn't quite finish it but ate over 3/4s of the burrito but claims he won because he ate that much in less than 30 minutes.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's On Alex's Mind Today?

Tonight while I laid with Alex before bed he was Mr. Chatty. Apparantly he had a lot of profound things on his mind. Not too bad for a five year old.

First, when Kayla gets me age I'm going to be dead. (I sure hope that's not true.)

Then he proceded to ask me if when Kayla grows up will she have a baby in her tummy? I said well maybe when she's older and gets married. He said that he hopes it's a boy.

Finally he told me when Kayla is 18 she'll get her drivers license but first she'll have to take a test drive. She'll have to make sure that she doesn't bump into other things or get into an accident. (I must say that's something that's very important.)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Phil's New Exercise Regime

So Phil is now going to the same place that Kayla goes for Thai Boxing to work out. It's for the 35 and up crowd. He's being going about a week and a half now and enjoys it despite coming home with jelly legs after class. Last night Logan got to tag along with Phil and watch him work out. At the end of class Logan says to Phil, "I'm glad you're done because it didn't look like you could take much more."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Phil's Nature Photo

With our new camera we've taken tons of photos. Phil's been having a good time taking some nature photos. These are a few of the ones that he's taken of the butterlies in our backyard.

Kid's Tree Fort

My summer must have been busier than I thought it was going to be. I've been so busy I haven't had any time to blog or I've been spending more time on Facebook or it's a combination of both. Phil's been busy doing some project around the house. Loving that! He finished replacing the siding by the chimney. Now we just need to buy the replacement trim. We think we'll be replacing all the trim to something other than wood (hardiplank or pvc) to keep bug infestation away.

The most exciting completed project is the completion of the fort out back in the wooded area behind the house. It's a three story fort. Come, take a tour of the fort.

Walk back into the wooded forest.

Here's Logan showing the way.

Kayla and Alex enjoying the fort.

A view from the back.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates on Kayla's Adventures

We haven't heard much from Kayla since Saturday so she must be having a good time! Although Tony sends us some photos from his phone. Today Kayla got a behind the scenes tour of the Today show. Tony sent a couple photos.

Proof Our Cat Was Meant to Be An Outdoor Cat

We have two cats both are getting old. Our youngest of two cats was born to a farm cat, separated before she was ready, and was later adopted by us from Phil's brother. Of course when we got the second cat we had the first cat, Pumpkin, fixed. But for as long as we've had her she's always trying to escape. Perhaps the desire to be an outside animal is inherited. Phil took the opportunity to take some photos of her in this "natural" habitat.

Checking out the perfect spot to take a nap.

Nope not here.

Would you quit following me? I'm trying to find a place to nap and sun myself.

Ahhhhh, the perfect spot at last.

Summer Time Fun

Today the boys (after fighting over who was winning more times on the Wii) decided to go outside and play a modified version of wiffle ball. Phil purchased a small metal bat with miniature balls for Logan to practice hitting and improve his hand/eye coordination. Of course, what kind of mom would I be if I didn't take lots of pictures of their impromptu game.

Here's Alex winding up for the pitch to Logan. Do you like his "baseball" shoes a.k.a Lightening McQueen slippers?

Logan he swings and hits!

Here's a long shot of the pitch and hit.

Now Logan winds up for the pitch to Alex.

Alex with a stretch swings and hits!

I'm calling it a tie game.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Updates on Kayla's Adventures

We're officially jealous of Kayla now! We got up this morning and opened our email to find a photo of Kayla watching a Steve Carrell in a movie shoot! Two famous people in one day! Amazing! We can't wait to hear what adventures she has today. She might not want to come home after all this!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kayla is Off to New York

Today Kayla is off (now there) to enjoy 4 1/2 days of fun with Unca T and Tiffany. :) It's been an interesting day. Kayla and I took the Marta down to the airport. That was a first for Kayla. We arrived at the airport and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company. Then we headed off to the security lines. We had a really friendly and funny TSA agent checking Kayla's ticket and my gate pass. Then we had a really cool suprise. As we're waiting to have our luggage scanned and while removing our shows who do we see about 6 passengers in front of us!! Tom Selleck! I kid you not. I wished I had the Nikon camera so I could have taken a picture. He looks the same in real life as he does in the movies. He looked like he was being really nice to everyone around him.

Then Kayla and I headed to the gate to find out that the flight was delayed an hour. Well an hour turned in to over 3 hours. The plane didn't leave the gate until 4:40 or so. She's now safely landed in New York and Unca T was kind enough to send us this photo of her in a cab. We can't wait to hear about all the fun things she does.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Fun in The Hot Hot Sun

Yesterday Phil and the boys had a bit of fun in the hot, hot sun. They went on a "Bear Hunt" hike at the local park that has walking paths that circle a small pond. They had a fun time walking around especially because they got to take Montana with them. I think he had more fun then the boys because he got to swim (which he loves to do and doesn't get to do enough)in the water. He even dove after his leash (he likes to walk himself) but on one occassion he couldn't find it so of course the boys "HAD" to go in the water and help Montana out.

I believe another park adventure is on their agenda today before it gets a bit too hot out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

All Star Buford City Tournament Game 3

On Sunday the Mill Creek Allstars played game three of the Buford City Park Tournament. We played against Dacula's Gold Team (a.k.a super stacked team). I will say when we saw their players come out on the field for warm ups we all wondered if there were on steroids or were truly six year olds. Some were as tall if not taller than my twelve year old daughter!

We had a rough first inning but held our own through the rest of the game. We ended up losing 15 to 10 (if we could have skipped the first inning it would have only been 11-10). Our kids were hitting and with the exception of a few infield errors (which in all honesty they are only six years old and it's not like they're paid to play :) )our defense was really good.

Logan's first at bat resulted in a strike out. He's having a little harder time hitting off the pitch because he's used to a faster pitch than his coach gives him. Phil pitches faster than the other coaches on the team. So Phil's found something that is going to help with his hand/eye coordination so we can get his grove back on - we're definitely not changing up his swing since that's really good. He hit at his next at bat but unfortunately didn't make it to first in time. He gets really bummed when that happens. I wish I could find a way to make him perk up after that.

Logan did have two great throws in from right field. He almost caught a pop fly (he said he couldn't see it because the sun was in his eyes) but he made great throws into 2nd! We couldn't have been prouder.

Now we don't have any more games until District Games on Father's Day weekend. We'll have some scrimages and practices in the meantime. Phil's going to work on Logan's hand eye coordination for batting.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All Stars 2009

Last night the Mill Creek All Stars Southern Division team played their first game in the Buford City Park Tournament. The team had a bit of an off night and lost 12 to 4 not due to their defensive playing but more due to the fact that none of the boys were hitting the ball last night.

Fast forward to today and they played much better. Today almost everyone hit and we won the game 12 to 10. Our defense was on fire and we were making some really good plays. Logan was doing some hustling today and had a great play from the outfield into second base. We couldn't have been prouder.

It's hard to watch the game and take photos so I took some of the practice and a few photos of "my all stars" before the game.

A Photo of the Player with his Coach.

Time for that serious pregame photo.

Wait for it, wait for it!

Got it!

Waiting for a ball to head my way in the outfield!

Kayla's 12th Birthday Party

Last night was Kayla's 12th Birthday Party at Adrenaline Rock Climbing in Suwanee. It's a great indoor rock climbing place. Unfortunately Phil wasn't there because he was busy with Logan and the All Stars game (another story). So Alex and I celebrated with Kayla and her friends. Everyone had a great time climbing (Alex loved the slide). They even convinced the spotter to let them climb to the top of the boulder (which 1/2 had already done)even though no one was 13. The girls were flirting a little bit too (yikes we're in trouble!). Here's a couple of photos of the night.

Here's Kayla climbing to the top of the wall.

Blowing out the mountain top cake.

Alex hanging out on the wall.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Just Like Swimming.....

That's what Logan said after being soaked at his All Stars practice last night to his Dad, "It's just like swimming."

Welcome to the World #5

Yesterday Chris and Ed welcomed their second child to the world. Edward Mitchell the 5th. He weighed in at six pounds and is 17 1/2 inches long. As soon as I receive some photos I'll post an update. He's in the NICU right now receiving some extra oxygen (typical of c-section births) and hopefully he'll be in the regular nursery later today.

Congratulations Chris, Ed and Big Sister Cheyenne!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday Kayla

Happy Birthday Kayla! We just want to wish you a wonderful day. It seems just like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital. We can remember car rides to try to get you to sleep through the night and your Dad getting stopped by a police officer while trying to get you to sleep. Remembering your first dance recital and you doing gymnastics at the local recreation center.

We remember your first day of Kindergarten and you cheering at the highschool football game. We remember how much you loved (and probably not as much now ;))taking care of your little brothers when they first joined us. I remember your first day of middle school and now dread your first day of highschool. Can't you just stop growing?

See how much you've changed just in the past few years?

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Day At Bogan Park Pool

Today Phil is with the boys at Bogan Park pool (an indoor pool with fun water slides, a floating river, and a diving board) since today's high is supposed to reach91. Blech.

Well they must be having a good time because I received a text from Phil about Logan in the big pool with the diving board. Logan started out just doing cannon balls but decided after seeing Phil dive in a few times that he wanted to give it a try. The first time he did it just jumping straight in with his arms out. Then the next time he tries to dive head first and does a belly smacker! He swims to the side and say, "Dad, ouch!" (His stomach was red.)

They decided it would be better to practice off the side a few times first. He's doing a really good job and Phil says that Grandpa Fairman would have been proud. :) Perhaps we have a future Olympic diver.

All Star Tournament Play

Last weekend was the first of three All Stars Tournaments that Logan (and Phil as Assistant Coach) will participate in. They won one of two games they played on Saturday (while I was on Stone Mountain) and came back to make it to the Championship game on Sunday. They came in second to another Gwinnett County team (we were in Cherokee county an hour and half away). It was an exhausting weekend. Here's a couple photos of Logan. One of him in the outfield and the other is of him batting. For his first time on All Stars I couldn't be prouder of him.

I think the best part for Logan this weekend was being able to just hang out with his Dad. They spent the night Saturday in a local hotel, swam in the pool, shared Chinese, and watched Detroit Red Wings Hockey. A priceless time for the two of them.

Stone Mountain Luau Adventures

This past Saturday the Troop did it last outing for the year. It was a hike up Stone Mountain Park but not just any type of hike oh no..... The girls decided that they would wear grass skirts, coconut bras (yes I said coconut bras) and leis to hike up the mountain.

Here is a group shot of everyone before we started the climb. We did get some stares that's for sure but the girls ultimately decided that they were from the "Hawaiian Section of Party City."

I just liked this photo of Kayla while she was resting.

Here's a photo of Kayla and Madison doing a pretend hoola dance.

This is what the girls really think of me taking tons of photos of them. :) One day they'll thank me.

What is the best way to end a hike up Stone Mountain in Luau attire? Why dinner at the local KFC/Taco Bell of course!

The Bridging Ceremony

I've been so busy I haven't been able to update everyone on the events going on down here. By the time I have time to sit it's after 10 most nights it seems. Earlier in May the troop held it's Court of Awards and Bridging Ceremony.

We shared the experience with our Sister Troop (Brownies) 1966 and helped them bridge to Juniors as our girls bridged to Cadettes. In addition ALL of the girls in our troop earned their Bronze Award (highest award in Junior scouting) and I know everyone was proud. These are a few photos from that night.

This is the back of Kayla's Junior vest - no more room.

For a brief moment both troops were Junior troops. :)

Kayla starting to bride from Juniors to Cadettes.

Kayla receiving her Cadette vest.

What a perfect ending to the night but with a Girl Scout Friendship Circle.