Monday, September 28, 2009

Rangers vs. Dodgers

Yesterday the Rangers played a makeup game for the game that was cancelled on Saturday due to what else, rain. Everyone was hoping for a better game last night and boy did the boys do well. Logan was moved to second in the lineup. At his first at bat he got a home run (the first point of the game). When he gets into home plate he picks up his bat and as he's running to the dugout does a little victory raising of the bat. (I so wish I brought a camera for that I was laughing out loud.) At Logan's second at bat he got a triple. Not to bad. Looked like he was going to do the circut with his batting.

At his third at bat he got a single but it would have been a double had he not hesitated as he rounded first. Still was awesome and still resulted in him scoring another run. The other big hitter last night was Mike (first time ball player) getting a home run! What a game.

Logan also had an awesome night playing catcher. He got the ball and was able to tag a runner out at home! He was on fire.

While they were doing the game recap and having a snack everyone was asking about the game ball. Coach Greg asked who they thought was going to get it. Logan said it's me (not over confident is he?)! Sure enough it was him. What a great end to a wonderful game!

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