Monday, September 14, 2009

Baseball Updates

The downside to being gone is that I don't always remember to update the blog about (yep it's that time of the year again) the baseball games. On Saturday morning Logan had his first game of Pee Wee A baseball and played the catcher the entire game. He had a total of 4 RBIs in the game and hit the ball at all three of his at bats. While they lost the game it wasn't by much - a mere 2 points.

Alex's first game was on Saturday night. Alex at his first at bat hit it off the pitch and later in the game hit one off the tee for a triple! He enjoyed playing outfield and second base! The team won by 1 point! Go team!

Alex's second game was yesterday. Sadly they didn't win the game but they (and this is the most important thing) had fun playing. Alex did strike out at one at bat but you can see he's maturing as a player because this time he didn't cry and hustled back in. He played the outfield, second base and circle this game! He was in heaven!

Kudos to Phil for getting the boys to where the needed to be and for coaching Alex's team to a victory on Saturday while Kayla and I enjoyed a Girl Scout Camping weekend.

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