Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An End to the Torrential Downpours!

It looks like we are finally at the end of the torrential downpours. I can actually see some sunshine peeking out of the clouds! It's amazing. I'm happy to say that we had no damage to our home or any of our property as a result of the rains. I think Logan is disappointed that we didn't get our kitchen flooded. He said if the kitchen flooded than we'd have an indoor swimming pool. We could take a breath, swim to the microwave, take a breath, and swim back.

Of course my mom in her wisdom said then we could eat out every night. :) Hmm...nope still wouldn't want the kitchen flooded.

Hopefully the waters will recede soon for those that are stranded in their neighborhoods and on the major interstates. My prayers go out to those families that lost loved ones or their homes in the storms.

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