Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tournament Update

Well last night the Orioles played against the White Sox in the quarter finals of the tournament. The Orioles played a great game but in the end they lost to the White Sox. What a great season we've had with an overall record of 9 wins and 5 losses not to mention that they ended up being seeded 5th overall. Way to go Orioles!

Next up: All Stars!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Logan's Field Day

I would be slacking in my duties as a mom if I didn't post about Logan's Kindergarten Field Day. Luckily I had enough vacation time saved up to come watch Logan in Field Day and then the two of us enjoyed just some us time afterward. I took Logan to lunch, he ran some errands with me, and we got him some new shoes and some snazzy shades.

This is Logan and his friend Parker in the bubble gum blowing center.

Here's Logan getting first place in the Sack Race. Doesn't he look so happy? He got two 4th places ribbons in other races as well.

Here's Logan with some of his friends with all their ribbons pinned on their shirts. Just like the Field Day shirts say "Life is Good."

Tball Tournament Updates

I noticed I've been slacking in updating the status of the Orioles tball team this season. The team ended regular season play with 8 wins and 4 losses. Not bad for Phil's first time coaching this level. :) We had our first play off game on Saturday night. It sure was a nail biter. We were the home team so we were last up to bat.

I think if I could get away with it I'd just watch the last inning of the game. My nerves can barely take it. The boys did well in the game. Alex even got the ball quite a bit in the outfield and was able to get it in and keep the other team from advancing any further on the bases.

The team played against the Giants and won 17 to 16 in the fifth inning. I hate going to 5 innings I'd rather be done at 4. (In the 5th inning you can score 10 runs not just 5 so it's anyone's game.) Game 2 of the single elimination tournament for the Orioles is tonight at 6:00. Keep your fingers crossed for the team. They'll be playing the White Sox tonight.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Alex Graduates Pre-K

Thursday morning was the Pre-K Graduation Ceremony for Alex's Pre-K class. As we waited for the ceremony to start I took some photos of the decorations.

Class of 2022? Oh my that seems like a long way away! (Of course Kayla graduating in 2015 seemed like forever but it's just around the corner!)

Isn't this a great cake with a class photo on it. Almost looked too good to eat. Of course I had to have some.

Here's the wall of photos of the kids that have been in the school since they were infants. Can you see all the photos of Alex?

Alex was the leader of the pledge of allegiance. He did a great job. Of course they did some songs that were so great!

Alex the graduate. Isn't he handsome! He also received the Mr. Personality award. We're very proud of him!

Spring Band Concert

On Monday night we had Kayla's Spring Band Concert. What a fun time except for having to have it in the hot, hot, hot (did I mention it was hot?) gym. I took a few photos but because of the lighting and the distance they didn't come out so great. The kids did a great job and it was fun to listen to them.

Logan Makes Tball All Star Team

Last week we just found out that Logan made the All Star Tball Team. It's very exciting news. This is the first time that he's qualified for the team. Of course it means a longer tball season and puts some kinks in our plans for the beginning of summer but what a wonderful experience for him.

As soon as he gets his uniform I'll be sure to post a photo. :)

Phil's going to be an assistant coach to the team.

6th Grade Awards Night

The bummer to Phil teaching middle school was that he has to miss out on Kayla's awards night. Since OMS is so large the awards are done in the different team rooms so Phil missed out on Kayla's awards. It was a great night for Kayla. Kayla received an award for her A/B honor roll. Here she is getting that award.

Kayla received a suprise award that night as well. She received from her homeroom teacher the Citzenship Award. That's a very prestigious award basically saying that she's an all around great kid that teacher's really enjoy having in class. Here she is getting that award.

Life's Been a Whirlwind

As the end of the school year has approached it seems like we've not seen the light of day and have been home long enough to eat and sleep. I've been having lots of fun with our new toy taking tons and tons of photos (we're over 1400 pics now and that's having deleted some). So I thought I'd post some of the family at a carnival we attended in April. The boys are pure daredevils. Looks like Phil will have lots of roller coaster buddies.

Here's Kayla and Alex zipping down the big slide.

Here's the boys going on the swings. You should have seen the look on Phil's face after that ride.

Phil and Kayla doing a little dance in the fun house.

Everyone enjoying the pirate ship ride.

I will say that I could never have the life of a carnie. I'd hate being away from family and there is no way I could breathe in that much cigarette smoke.