Friday, May 15, 2009

Life's Been a Whirlwind

As the end of the school year has approached it seems like we've not seen the light of day and have been home long enough to eat and sleep. I've been having lots of fun with our new toy taking tons and tons of photos (we're over 1400 pics now and that's having deleted some). So I thought I'd post some of the family at a carnival we attended in April. The boys are pure daredevils. Looks like Phil will have lots of roller coaster buddies.

Here's Kayla and Alex zipping down the big slide.

Here's the boys going on the swings. You should have seen the look on Phil's face after that ride.

Phil and Kayla doing a little dance in the fun house.

Everyone enjoying the pirate ship ride.

I will say that I could never have the life of a carnie. I'd hate being away from family and there is no way I could breathe in that much cigarette smoke.

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