Friday, May 15, 2009

Alex Graduates Pre-K

Thursday morning was the Pre-K Graduation Ceremony for Alex's Pre-K class. As we waited for the ceremony to start I took some photos of the decorations.

Class of 2022? Oh my that seems like a long way away! (Of course Kayla graduating in 2015 seemed like forever but it's just around the corner!)

Isn't this a great cake with a class photo on it. Almost looked too good to eat. Of course I had to have some.

Here's the wall of photos of the kids that have been in the school since they were infants. Can you see all the photos of Alex?

Alex was the leader of the pledge of allegiance. He did a great job. Of course they did some songs that were so great!

Alex the graduate. Isn't he handsome! He also received the Mr. Personality award. We're very proud of him!

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