Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game 5 - Another Win For the Orioles!

Today the Orioles played game 5 against the Phillies. The first time since our first game we've had every player at the game. What a great lineup and talent we have on this little team. The first inning was a nail biter but after that the team was on their game. We had some great outs at 1st! Logan did great catching and throwing the ball. Alex paid attention the whole game in the outfield and even got a piece of the ball off the pitch. In the third inning the Orioles kept the Phillies to only one run so by the end of their turn at bat at the top of the 4th the score was 20 to 11. Since in the first four innings only 4 runs can be scored the Orioles had won. But since there was time the coaches agreed to have the Phillies have another at bat. This was a great opportunity for Phil to bring some of the outfielders into the infield and switch around some of the infielders.

The Phillies did score five runs in the bottom of the fourth but at least the other players on our team got to play in places they don't normally. What better way to learn than to get the opportunity to try.

Way to go Orioles!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orioles at the Giants

Tonight was game 4 for the Orioles against the Giants. The Giants came into the match undefeated and having scored 20 runs a game (max they can score in 4 innings) against their opponents. I'll admit I was a bit nervous because either the teams they played didn't have a good defense or they had REALLY good hitters that hit to the outfield all the time.

After our first inning against them I was a little nervous since we only scored one or two points to their five. But our team stepped it up a notch after that. Logan caught a pop fly and got an out. KJ made a double play at second. We had some great hits - KJ a pop fly almost to the fence and Logan a strong hit that far as well. At the top of the fourth after our team had finished their turn at bat the score was 15 to 10. The worst that we could do was tie!

Remarkably we did better than that - we only allowed one run and got three outs! The score was 15 to 11! Way to go Orioles!!

Frustration For Mandy

Yesterday we arrived home to find a note from Animal Welfare regarding our dog Mandy. Somehow the gate to the backyard was opened (we didn't open it) and Mandy got out. A neighbor complained because she rushed the property line and barked (loudly I'm sure). The animal welfare stated that she was a vicious dog. They were going to take her to the shelter but luckily for us our neighbor was home and put her back in the fenced in yard. We'd never let Mandy roam free and there is no way she could get out since she's a bit chunky now. And she's never been able to jump the fence.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Completed Project

It's tough for two little boys to share a room and keep their room picked up when they have tons of toys. So it only seemed logical to purchase something that would keep the room more organized and help make it look not quite as cluttered. Now the boys (if you look closely)can display their baseball trophies and their Kinex creations wherever everyone can see. The things we don't want seen (the train sets, the dress up clothes, remote control cars, etc) can be hidden in the lovely blue crates. The room has stayed clean for two whole days now.

Best Buds

On Saturday we went to IKEA to pick up a new shelving unit to better organize the boy's room. We weren't there too long - long enough for some shopping and some lunch. On the way back Kayla and Logan fell asleep. These two truly are best buds as best buds as an 11 year old and a 6 year old can be.

Oriole Mr. Team Spirit

At each of our games our Team Mom gives out a Mr. Oriole for a great play and two Mr. Oriole Team Spirits. The recipient of Mr. Oriole gets to keep him until the next game. Alex got Mr. Spirit this past game and has really enjoyed having him. He sleeps with him and he has to take him everywhere. Here he is with us at Krispy Kreme Donuts watching the donuts being made.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Orioles vs. Indians Game 3

Tonight was game 3 for the Orioles. It wasn't the best night for a game - the threat of rain looming, cold breezes and temperatures in the 40s. (Okay if you're from the north I know that's not cold but when you're 4,5, or 6 and standing in the outfield it's freezing!) We had some great plays. Logan hit off the pitch each time he was up to bat. Alex hit some great balls off the tee. The team had some great outs at first from our first baseman KJ. The Orioles took the win at the bottom of the 4th as Alex and Jackson scored our winning runs with the final score 16-15! Way to go Orioles!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Game 2 - Orioles at the Cubs

Tonight was game 2 for the Orioles. They played hard but had one inning with a 1, 2, 3 out. We had some rough calls but all in all the kids played great. In one inning we had 3 home runs! Logan was included in that mix! Yeah Logan. Alex had a little rough night with a strike out at his first at bat then an out at first at his second at bat. But he was a trooper. We did have one blooper moment when an outfielder ran in and was tagging players out (can't do that) but it made the game all the more fun. Logan for all his efforts in the game got the game ball! Congratulations Logan! In the end the Cubs beat us 17 to 16! Good game Orioles!


I asked Alex on the way home from the ballgame tonight if I was cool. He then told me that girls don't wear cool shirts they were cootie shirts.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Go Orioles!

Our first game this season was a make up yesterday. We played against the Pirates. The team we had just scrimmaged on Wednesday. This was the first time the kids played on the real ball fields as a team. We had many remarkable plays. Doubles, triples, and homeruns! We had some great tag outs and great throw outs at first. bSome great plays in the outfield too. In fact, the team had so many great plays it was hard to decide who to give the game ball too.

Logan played great in the infield getting one player out at second. Then when he was switched to circle tagged a player out on his way to home plate. Alex even got a ball from the outfield and threw it in. Everyone had great hits too. You can tell they did a great job because the Orioles won!!! Way to go team! Next game is against the Cubs, whose head coach is Logan's head coach from last season. :)

Here's some post game photos.

It's That Time of Year Again

It's now tball season. That means updates regularly on the progress of our team. This is the first and probably only season that Alex and Logan will play on the same team. Sure makes going to games a whole lot easier. Only one set of games. :) For whatever reason most of them are on weeknights or Friday nights. We have very few Saturday games. Here's a few pre-game photos of the boys from Sunday's make up game.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tattoo Rules According to Logan

Yesterday as we were out and about Logan and Alex are having a conversation about tattoos in the back seat.

Logan says to Alex: "When you're a kid it's illegal to get a permanent tattoo. When you're a parent you can get a permanent tattoo. You can go to Chicago or New York to get one. You can have one put on your back in memory of someone. Alex, do you want to put a tattoo of mom on your back?"

Alex - dead silent. I guess I'll have no permanent tattoos of me on Alex's back.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Day After the Snow

Well we still have some white stuff on the ground here and a few slick patches on the roads. The kids are off of school for the day. Although Alex was rather bummed that he didn't have school because today was funny hat day and he got new shoes that he wanted to show off.

Right now they (and Phil) are headed to watch a movie so they don't go stir crazy. But this morning Alex and Logan made sure that they went outside and got some snow to put in the freezer because "they wanted to be able to remember this day."

A Georgia Snowman

Of course the kids had to build their own snowman. Although since there are a lot of trees around the house there wasn't a ton of snow to work with. But here's the results of their labor.

March 1st and Snow in Georgia

Here we thought when we moved from Michigan to Georgia that we wouldn't see any snow in March at least. So when the forecasters said we'd have snow on Sunday I didn't believe them. I mean really when it was "winter" we didn't get any of the snow that was predicted so I figured that it wouldn't snow.

Boy was I wrong. We got about 5 hours of snow on Sunday. Three of those hours were while Kayla and I (and some others in our troop) attended a cookie booth sale outside of Kroger. So needless to say we took some photos to prove that it was in fact snowing.

Here's Kayla at the park showing the snow.

Here's a photo of Kayla and I. See the white stuff in our hair- it's not dandruff it's big fluffy snowflakes.

Here's a Georgia snowball headed your way.

This is the snow that fell in the park near our house.

Here's the snow in our yard.