Monday, March 2, 2009

March 1st and Snow in Georgia

Here we thought when we moved from Michigan to Georgia that we wouldn't see any snow in March at least. So when the forecasters said we'd have snow on Sunday I didn't believe them. I mean really when it was "winter" we didn't get any of the snow that was predicted so I figured that it wouldn't snow.

Boy was I wrong. We got about 5 hours of snow on Sunday. Three of those hours were while Kayla and I (and some others in our troop) attended a cookie booth sale outside of Kroger. So needless to say we took some photos to prove that it was in fact snowing.

Here's Kayla at the park showing the snow.

Here's a photo of Kayla and I. See the white stuff in our hair- it's not dandruff it's big fluffy snowflakes.

Here's a Georgia snowball headed your way.

This is the snow that fell in the park near our house.

Here's the snow in our yard.

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