Friday, March 13, 2009

Orioles vs. Indians Game 3

Tonight was game 3 for the Orioles. It wasn't the best night for a game - the threat of rain looming, cold breezes and temperatures in the 40s. (Okay if you're from the north I know that's not cold but when you're 4,5, or 6 and standing in the outfield it's freezing!) We had some great plays. Logan hit off the pitch each time he was up to bat. Alex hit some great balls off the tee. The team had some great outs at first from our first baseman KJ. The Orioles took the win at the bottom of the 4th as Alex and Jackson scored our winning runs with the final score 16-15! Way to go Orioles!


lisaschaos said...

Yay! close game but congrats!!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Yeah, 40 is still cold!! lol! Congrats on such a good game!