Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alex - The Ladies Man

So today I pick up Alex from the day care and I'm told how he's a ladies man. I said really? Apparently he and his "girlfriend" Lexi broke up a couple of months ago. Just the other day they had the following conversation:

Lexi to Ms. Tiffany: I want to tell you a secret.
Alex: Why won't you tell me?
Lexi: Because you're not my boyfriend anymore so I don't have to tell you.
Alex: Okay I'll be your boyfriend but only if you stop asking me every day if I'm you're boyfriend.
Lexi: Ok.
Alex: Lexi you know boyfriends and girlfriends are supposed to kiss.

Alex then proceeded to chase Lexi around the classroom to give her a kiss.

Maybe I need to lock him in a convent???!!!!

Become a Vampire or Fine Needle Biopsy????

If you asked me that this morning I'd say become a vampire. Today I had a fine needle biopsy on my neck for a recheck of a goiter. I knew what to expect (or so I thought)since I had one last year and I was excited because they said I'd only have two needles instead of four that I had last time. Keep in mind while the needle is being inserted you're not allowed to talk or swallow.

I was SOOOOO wrong. The first needle resulted in no cells being removed. Of course it feels like someone is stabbing you in the neck. Then the second needle goes in and the sample is too small. The third one (it felt like it was in my neck forever)did result in a big enough sample according to the doctor.

I think I'd rather be transformed into a vampire. (Can you tell I've finally read the Twilight series?) The bonuses to becoming a vampire:

1. Sparkly diamond skin (who wouldn't want that?) in the sun.
2. No need for sleeping (think of all the books you can read and chores get done and no falling asleep while you watch a movie)
3. No doctors, no going to the bathroom, no need to eat
4. Forever staying young
5. No big illnesses
6. Seeing so much more of history.

Yep - fine needle biopsy or vampire - I choose vampire.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fireplaces Need Instructions Or.....

In our house it's usually Phil that starts the fire in the fireplace. It's sort of one of those that's my job type things. Well last night it was cold enough for this transplanted northerner to want a fire in the fireplace (upper teens to low 20s). Since Phil, Kayla and Logan weren't home yet I thought well I can get it started and Phil can add the big logs when he got home.

Alex brings in the fire starter log. I place in the back of the fireplace just like the directions say. I open the damper (or so I thought) and light the log. The log starts to light and gets bigger. So I add a few of the kindling pieces in there just to get it going a little bit. Well....a few minutes later the smoke alarm starts going off. Let's just say it's the loudest noise I've ever heard and is probably the first time we've ever tested it in four years (I know not good).

So I call Phil to ask him which way does the lever need to be to open the damper. It needs to be to the right towards the front of the house he tells me. Well, turns out Phil forgot to shut the damper the night before. Of course I switch it. Meanwhile I can't get the darn smoke alarm to shut off. Phil tells me get the fans on and open the front door. I already had the fan but doesn't having every fan in the house on defeat the purpose of having a fire in the fireplace?

Eventually the smoke alarm went off and we were able to bask in the warmth of the fire. I'd like one right now because my office is cold and it's only 15 degrees outside.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mission Almost Accomplished

Today Phil and I worked at moving one of the end tables out of our room into the living room so I would have a place to display my digital picture frame. After unloading and loading two end tables and moving them around we got it downstairs. My room has more space between the bed and the closet - woohoo! Then the moment of truth was to plug in my frame and it just kept shutting off. Phil figured it out and now it's working wonderfully! I didn't get as much cleaned but who cares I finally get to enjoy my Christmas gift.

Monster Truck Fun

I've been behind on my blogging as of late or so it seems. On Thursday Logan rode with Phil to watch Kayla's Thai Boxing class and what happened to be in the parking lot? A huge monster truck! Of course Phil had to take a few photos of the truck!

Doesn't Logan look so small compared to the monster truck? Almost looks like a Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz.

This one really shows the perspective of how big the tires are on the truck. Logan fits in quite nicely. Funny thing is a friend of ours neighbor saw them and honked and almost freaked Phil out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Don't Tell My Daughter

We took our oldest to see Twilight over the weekend. It was good and clearly aimed toward teen audiences. It sparked some conversations as well. So after seeing the movie I decided I better read these books that she's already read. I will admit that I did finish the Twilight book within two nights. Now I need to start New Moon and I'm hoping that Phil's student will give him the book for me to borrow tonight.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Brother and Tiffany

Happy 35th birthday (1/2 way to 70 - your words not mine) little brother. Thought I'd share a few photos of you with my reading audience.

A photo of you when you were cute and chubby. Not fair I say not fair.

A more recent photo that shows your true personality. We thought Tiffany should know about this.

A happy birthday to Tiffany whom we've yet to meet. What's wrong with that? Happy Birthday Tiffany and welcome to our crazy clan.

And since the two of you share a birthday (although years apart :)) what would a happy birthday post be without a joint photo of the two of you.

Happy Birthday Tony and Tiffany. We wish we could celebrate with you at the Dinosaur BBQ tonight but the drive is a little far. In spirit I'm sending you a dinosaur cake from birthdays past!