Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alex - The Ladies Man

So today I pick up Alex from the day care and I'm told how he's a ladies man. I said really? Apparently he and his "girlfriend" Lexi broke up a couple of months ago. Just the other day they had the following conversation:

Lexi to Ms. Tiffany: I want to tell you a secret.
Alex: Why won't you tell me?
Lexi: Because you're not my boyfriend anymore so I don't have to tell you.
Alex: Okay I'll be your boyfriend but only if you stop asking me every day if I'm you're boyfriend.
Lexi: Ok.
Alex: Lexi you know boyfriends and girlfriends are supposed to kiss.

Alex then proceeded to chase Lexi around the classroom to give her a kiss.

Maybe I need to lock him in a convent???!!!!


lisaschaos said...

They do seem to start younger and younger. :) How cute though. :-)

Soralis said...

That is so cute!