Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prayers For Rita and Her Family

It is with great sadness that I write this blog. Today we learned that Rita whom we've adopted as family and who has adopted us as family as well has passed away. I'm asking that you please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Rita was a wonderful woman. While we've only known her for last 3 1/2 years or so she has become an important part of our lives and we consider her family. Our friendship began when Alex was an infant and all three kids sat with me in church while Phil sang in the church choir - Rita offered to help me with the kids so we could attend church as a family. We've sat together ever since.

Even at 81 or 82 (time seems to have flown since her suprise 80th birthday party) in my mind she is too young to die but God had a different plan. I know that she is in heaven looking down, smiling and watching over her family and all the others she held close in heart.

Rita we will miss you and know that our lives were better for having you in it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me & My Guy Dance

After months of planning and preparation the Me & My Guy Dance hosted by our Girl Scout troop is now over. I think it was a success and it will greatly offset the cost of the troops trip to Savannah. The room was decorated as nicely as if it was a Junior or Senior Prom with deliciously catered food set up in stations to make it easier to get the food. We had two make it or take it crafts and photos of the girls and their guys. If we had it to do over again I think we'd find a way to make the photos go faster and make the dance floor a little larger but other than that I think there were no complaints. We did all decide that next year we'll just participate in the dance and not host it. :)

So you can see the fun - here's a photo of some of the girls taken before the dance started.

New York, New York

Last Thursday I returned from my business trip in New York. Even though the trip was supposed to be all business I still had quite a few adventures with Tony and Mom. My first adventure was Thursday night. Tony, Steve Ferguson, and I went to the West Village to have dinner at a Peruvian restaurant after first making a stop to pick up some delicious whole bean coffe from Porto Rico Importing Co. It was called Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar. The food was delicious and so was the pitcher of Sangria that the three of us shared. The service was good as well.

After leaving the restaurant Tony placed us on the F or the V train and told us to get off at 57th street, however; the V train doesnt' stop at 57th but we didn't realize that until we were almost to Queens. And of course I had to go to the bathroom and of course there are no bathrooms in the subway (except at 53rd street which was where we ended up getting off). So we got back on the V train and headed back to 53rd street and made it back to the hotel about an hour after we left Tony (should have been 20 minutes).

I don't regret the adventure and I did have a wonderful time. More New York adventure stories and photos to come!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kayla Thai Boxing Student of the Month

This month Kayla was named Student of the Month at her Thai Boxing school! What an exciting day it was for her. For once both Phil and I were at the class at the same time so we got to see her receive her gold star for her uniform. She was the second student of the month since the program was initiated. Student of the Month is given to the student with positive attitude, who tries, and who listens well in class so that they are able to learn the moves they are taught. Way to go Kayla!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Logan the Ladies Man

I think Logan is going to be a Ladies Man. It's funny it seems like no matter where we go he always ends up playing with the cute girls even when there are little boys around his age to play with. The first time happened while Grandma and Unca T (Uncle Tony) were visiting and they went to the jumping place. He played with the cutest little red head girl. Phil asked if she was nice and Logan replied yes and that she was cute. He brought her over to meet us and the little girl had to introduce Logan to her mother. This happens everywhere we go. I guess we'll have to watch him when he's old enough to date (at what age 35?).

Christmas 2007

Where does the time go? It seems just yesterday that it was Christmas. This was the first year the kids were up before me. Kayla was up by about 6 a.m. and Alex followed shortly thereafter and they both woke up Logan. They were excited about opening presents this year.

Kayla's big gift was a Wii (which we're all enjoying). After she opened it Logan said "Weee would like to play." Does that mean we watch too much tv? I think so. Logan got a lot of Transformers items and enjoyed that along with a monster remote control truck. Alex got some Transformers, a guitar, some trains, and a monster remote control truck.

We enjoyed the day with Grandma and Unca T (Uncle Tony) while we relaxed - played the Wii and had a late lunch followed up with some yummy Black Bottom Pie.