Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me & My Guy Dance

After months of planning and preparation the Me & My Guy Dance hosted by our Girl Scout troop is now over. I think it was a success and it will greatly offset the cost of the troops trip to Savannah. The room was decorated as nicely as if it was a Junior or Senior Prom with deliciously catered food set up in stations to make it easier to get the food. We had two make it or take it crafts and photos of the girls and their guys. If we had it to do over again I think we'd find a way to make the photos go faster and make the dance floor a little larger but other than that I think there were no complaints. We did all decide that next year we'll just participate in the dance and not host it. :)

So you can see the fun - here's a photo of some of the girls taken before the dance started.

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