Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prayer Request

Just sending out a prayer request for my brother-in-law Matt. He's having gastric surgery today and is a little worried. I know he'd appreciate all the prayers he can get.

We're thinking about you Matt.

UPDATE: Matt came out of surgery fine. He's just sore on the inside. :) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Last Photo - What Do You See

So Phil was trying out the close up of plants and nature and took a photo of a rock. Of course all of you who know Phil know he loves rocks. Of course he didn't see what I saw when he took the photo but afterward he did. Can you see it? What do you see?

Proof of Return of the Lawnmower

We've had an issue trying to get our lawnmower repaired by Sears. After being gone for almost two weeks we finally got it back. It's like a new toy for Phil. Of course he had to try it out - even though he borrowed the neighbor's lawn mower over the weekend (bending his blade).

Jumping Montana

I think the pictures that Phil was the most excited about catching was Montana jumping for a stick and running. I have to admit that was cool to catch those photos. I love being able to see the detail of his muscles in the photos. I'm so looking forward to Saturday's game when I'll get to take action photos of the team!

Now for the Animals

Of course we had to take some shots of the dogs. (I'll have to catch the cats on the next 260 photos. :) ) So let's show you some of Mandy.

Some Swing Photos

How cool is it to be able to catch the boys midswing as they swing on the rope swing attached to the big tree in the back yard? Can I say loving it?

Second Subjects With The New Toy

So of course we wanted to try out action shots. The biggest reason to have a nice camera. Plus it let me try out some of the features. I still have lots to learn. First I took some pictures of the boys boxing on the trampoline with their hulk smash gloves.

My (I mean Our) New Toy

We decided to use a little of our tax money on our "early" 15 year anniversary gift and purchased a Nikon D40. Well in the short hours we've had it I've taken over 263 photos. Okay so I'm a little obsessed with it and I'm sure I won't save all the photos but thought I'd share a few.

The first ones we took were of Kayla - just face shots. She asked if we'd take her photo first.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And so the woman fell in love with the dishwasher...

and so goes the modern day romance of a woman and her new dishwasher. She was tired of months and months of not knowing whether or not her dishwasher was going to be responsible for cleaning (a.k.a flooding) her kitchen floor. Despite the fact that it took two days for the dishwasher to get installed. The company we bought it from forgot to include the drain hose so the installer had to purchase it. Of course he wasn't able to come back until late Sunday afternoon.

After running the dishwasher for the first time I'm in love with it. Maybe I'll have to leave Phil. So if you see Phil chasing the truck carrying the old dishwasher singing, "Baby come back, you can blame it all on me." Well you'll know I've left him for the dishwasher.

Game 8 Orioles at the Cardinals

Yesterday was game 8 for the Orioles. They played against the Cardinals. This was the first designated pitch hit only game. The game that makes Phil nervous because he doesn't want to strike out anyone. He wants everyone to be able to hit the ball off the pitch. I'm happy to report that he only had two strike outs!

The excitement for Phil (or maybe it was me) that Alex hit another ball off the pitch and didn't get out! It was awesome! Logan did well at all his at bats and playing circle. The best part of this game is that because of the lead we had Phil was able to move some of the outfielders into the infield to play. Definitely a bonus if you're an outfielder. We won 20 to 13.

Way to go Orioles!

More Vacation Stories

We have one other funny vacation story I've been asked to share by Phil and Kayla on our blog. Hopefully no one is offended by it but we did laugh quite a bit because of it. It was funny.

One of the evenings while we were in Florida, Phil, Kayla, Alexis, Logan, Alex and I went up to my Grandma and Aunt Jo's community pool to swim. The kids and Phil had been swimming for a while and I was hanging out on the pool deck. Meanwhile in comes an older couple. The man was wearing a hot pink robe. Phil and I were finding some humor just from that.

Meanwhile the girls (Kayla and Alexis) were laughing hysterically. I finally asked them what was so funny. They were both laughing because they were hoping that the man in the pink robe wasn't wearing a speedo. Of course he was wearing one that looked a little more like short boxer briefs. But what they really found funny was that he had man boobs bigger than his wife's.

After a while the couple finished swimming. The lady had gotten out to the pool rinsed off and then went into the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom carrying her swimsuit clad only in a towel and her robe. Shortly after the gentleman came out of the pool and went into the bathroom. While he was in there the lady placed her swimsuit in her teeth pulled it out and then wrung it out! I kid you not! Then the gentleman walks out wearing just his hot pink robe and carrying his suit.

The kids laughed (the girls anyway) for a while after that. They both had to go back and text their friends the story.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Orioles vs. Red Sox

Today was game 7 for the Orioles after about a 2 week break. Since it was only game six for the Red Sox there was no designated pitch hitters. Although the team was ready to pitch hit tonight. The infield and the outfield were on their game catching things left and right. Logan was dead on his throws to Parker at first base. Parker caught a ball and then got a runner out with an awesome double play.

Alex even saw some game time tonight. He had several in the outfield and threw some great balls into the infield. But he had a true star moment tonight. Alex hit his first off the pitch hit tonight! Not only did he hit it off the pitch but he it a home run! It was awesome! Of course at his next at bat he hit a double which was just as great off the tee!

The game ball winner......Alex Reiniche!

Way to go Orioles. Game 8 tomorrow night!

The Case of the Missing Undies

Today resulted in the case of the missing undies. Logan informed Phil this afternoon that his underwear disappeared. He felt his underwear on the way to take Alex to school but when he got to the bus this morning he couldn't feel it they were gone. He swears he didn't tell anyone and doesn't know how it happened. Must be they wanted to hang out in the bathroom at home all day because that's where he found them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Proof There is a TNT

What's TNT you ask? Well TNT would stand for Tony and Tiffany. Since neither my mom nor anyone in my household had met Tiffany (until now :) )there was no "real" proof she existed only those photos that Tony has posted on Facebook and Flicker. You know with all those photo editing software you can put anyone in a photo and it's very hard to tell if it's real or fake.

Well since business would have me flying to New York last week I was actually going to meet Tiffany and obtain proof of her existence. :) And I was going to meet before mom did (not that it was a competition or anything - okay maybe it was).

I'm here to report that she does exist. And I'm including some photos as proof. Tony I just want to say that she's definitely a keeper. Not only can she cook some delicious meals (vegetable lasagna - yummy!), she's very sweet and anyone that can put up with my brother while he spends 11 hours in the emergency room for malayria (not to mention the strange reactions to meds at home and other items I won't share since it could embarrass him) is a real gem.

Welcome to our crazy family Tiffany.

Back to the Ocean We Went

Of course on Monday we had to go back to the ocean (on Sunday the kids decided swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool would be a good idea). What's a trip to the ocean if you don't get buried in the sand?

Logan and Alex buried up to their necks. Look closely and you'll see R.I.P.

Here's Kayla like her "suit?"

More Fun at the Zoo

We did have a great time walking around the Naples Zoo. It's not to big and just the right size especially if you have little ones (like our nieces Cheyenne and Lizzie). It's nice to be able to visit a zoo in under 4 hours and it wasn't too hot.

Here are Logan and Alex feeding the fish as they look out at the monkey islands and hear the roar of the lion cubs behind them. The fish were big too although you can't see them in this photo.

Here is Alex and his cousin Cheyenne walking around the zoo. Cheyenne kept saying to Alex come on baby as she led him around the area. Better watch out for her when she gets older. :)

A group photo of the kids just before leaving the park.

A trip to the Naples Zoo

Phil and Logan checking out the Foosas.

Kayla and Cheyenne hanging out at the Foosas.

Little Lizzie walking about the zoo.

First Night in Florida

Of course on the way down to Florida all the kids could talk about was going to the ocean. That was the first thing that they wanted to do when we got there. Well we ventured over there just before sunset.

This is a photo of everyone looking for shells during high tide. You'll see Kayla, Phil, Alex and Alexis.

Here's Logan enjoying the big ocean waves as the high tide pushes in.

Just a photo of all the pelicans hanging out.

Alex being "king of the ocean".

Busy Life

It seems like forever since I last posted but we've been so busy lately I haven't had time to sit down at the computer to post anything. It's been a whirlwind of activities. Last week was Spring Break and for the first time we decided to take a trip over part of break. We took a drive to visit family in Florida and hang out at the ocean. It really was a great time. Phil even survived the drive home alone with the kids since I had to leave from Florida to fly to New York for business and to finely meet Tony's girlfriend and see their place. I'll be posting some of the photos from all the fun that we had.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Proud of Troop 1414

The girls in Troop 1414 (the troop I co-lead) have been hard at work earning their Bronze Awards. This is the highest award that girls can earn as Junior Girl Scouts. It takes a lot of time. A minimum of 15 hours is required to complete the service project of which at least 8 must be providing service. This is in edition to completing required badge work and earning their leadership awards.

The Troop was divided into two service project groups. The first group, under the advisement of my co-leader Gin, was the Soldier Care Package group. They worked at collecting donations to send to the soldiers overseas. The girls made fliers and passed them out in their neighborhoods and set up donations boxes at a local business. The did booths at the local grocery store to collect donations as well. In all they were able to deliver 17 boxes and a $100 check to Operation Sandbox in Georgia for the soldiers overseas. This is a picture of the group at the local grocery store.

The second group, under my advisement, was the Animal Service Project Group. The girls in this group worked at a local horse stable cleaning and doing other jobs to make it a better place for the animals. In addition to that they made fliers and passed them out in their neighborhoods and schools seeking used towels, blankets and sheets for the local Animal Shelter. The girls also did a booth at a local grocery store to collect donations for the animals. They collected $150 in loose change and bills and were able to purchase dog food, cat food and kitty litter as well. They delivered all the donations to the local Animal Shelter of bedding and food last weekend. This is a picture of the group after shopping at Walmart.

I must say I'm proud of this group of girls. They did such great work!

Game 6 Orioles at the Rockies

Last night was game 6 for the Orioles. They were the visiting team against the Rockies. This was the game that Phil was going to be late to because of work commitments. I was nervous since one of the assistant coaches was going to be pitching to the kids. Turns out he did a great job pitching. I was a little nervous during the first inning because the kids seemed to be off their game. I have a new theory on that. I think they act off their game during the first inning so the other team relaxes and then rallies back for a win. ;)

Logan started the game out with a few over throws to first base but turned it around later in the game. Logan even caught a pop fly and almost made a double play!

Alex did a great job paying attention in the outfield at this game and even after at getting out at first base at his first at bat. He really played well. He did have an issue that caused him to have to leave the game. (An embarrassing story that I probably shouldn't share online.) The team almost had to take an automatic out in the last inning because he almost missed his last at bat. Thankfully I (with Kayla's help) got him cleaned up and back down to the field. He ended up hitting, getting on base and eventually scoring a run.

The team beat the undefeated Rockies 17 to 11! They seem to be on a roll beating three undefeated teams in a row. That makes the Orioles first in the Souther division and second overall! Way to go Orioles!

Don't Mess With My Style

Alex has become a bit more aware of his hair lately. The other morning he was in the bathroom combing his hair. After about five minutes of combing Phil tried to help him and Alex told him to stop because he was messing up his style. Then he had to return to the bathroom for a recheck of his hair before he left for school.