Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Vacation Stories

We have one other funny vacation story I've been asked to share by Phil and Kayla on our blog. Hopefully no one is offended by it but we did laugh quite a bit because of it. It was funny.

One of the evenings while we were in Florida, Phil, Kayla, Alexis, Logan, Alex and I went up to my Grandma and Aunt Jo's community pool to swim. The kids and Phil had been swimming for a while and I was hanging out on the pool deck. Meanwhile in comes an older couple. The man was wearing a hot pink robe. Phil and I were finding some humor just from that.

Meanwhile the girls (Kayla and Alexis) were laughing hysterically. I finally asked them what was so funny. They were both laughing because they were hoping that the man in the pink robe wasn't wearing a speedo. Of course he was wearing one that looked a little more like short boxer briefs. But what they really found funny was that he had man boobs bigger than his wife's.

After a while the couple finished swimming. The lady had gotten out to the pool rinsed off and then went into the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom carrying her swimsuit clad only in a towel and her robe. Shortly after the gentleman came out of the pool and went into the bathroom. While he was in there the lady placed her swimsuit in her teeth pulled it out and then wrung it out! I kid you not! Then the gentleman walks out wearing just his hot pink robe and carrying his suit.

The kids laughed (the girls anyway) for a while after that. They both had to go back and text their friends the story.

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