Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Game 6 Orioles at the Rockies

Last night was game 6 for the Orioles. They were the visiting team against the Rockies. This was the game that Phil was going to be late to because of work commitments. I was nervous since one of the assistant coaches was going to be pitching to the kids. Turns out he did a great job pitching. I was a little nervous during the first inning because the kids seemed to be off their game. I have a new theory on that. I think they act off their game during the first inning so the other team relaxes and then rallies back for a win. ;)

Logan started the game out with a few over throws to first base but turned it around later in the game. Logan even caught a pop fly and almost made a double play!

Alex did a great job paying attention in the outfield at this game and even after at getting out at first base at his first at bat. He really played well. He did have an issue that caused him to have to leave the game. (An embarrassing story that I probably shouldn't share online.) The team almost had to take an automatic out in the last inning because he almost missed his last at bat. Thankfully I (with Kayla's help) got him cleaned up and back down to the field. He ended up hitting, getting on base and eventually scoring a run.

The team beat the undefeated Rockies 17 to 11! They seem to be on a roll beating three undefeated teams in a row. That makes the Orioles first in the Souther division and second overall! Way to go Orioles!

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