Saturday, April 18, 2009

Orioles vs. Red Sox

Today was game 7 for the Orioles after about a 2 week break. Since it was only game six for the Red Sox there was no designated pitch hitters. Although the team was ready to pitch hit tonight. The infield and the outfield were on their game catching things left and right. Logan was dead on his throws to Parker at first base. Parker caught a ball and then got a runner out with an awesome double play.

Alex even saw some game time tonight. He had several in the outfield and threw some great balls into the infield. But he had a true star moment tonight. Alex hit his first off the pitch hit tonight! Not only did he hit it off the pitch but he it a home run! It was awesome! Of course at his next at bat he hit a double which was just as great off the tee!

The game ball winner......Alex Reiniche!

Way to go Orioles. Game 8 tomorrow night!

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