Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chef Alex

Last night after enjoying some Ben & Jerry's ice cream (the next time anyone visits I promise to take you there)we went to the new park that opened not far from us. The park has basketball courts, sand volleyball, a skateboard park, and a great playground. We went to the playground. Alex decided that he would "cook" for Phil and I in one of the little houses. He made us some boy and girl hamburgers. Then he told us dessert would be eggs, baby chicks, and ketchup topped with whipped cream. (Thank goodness it was pretend food!) Eventually we got some chocolate cars for dessert instead with vanilla milk. The cost for that vanilla milk? $30! So next time you're in town ask Chef Alex to make you a meal.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's Graduates

Today was Pre-K and 5th grad graduation in our house. Logan had his Pre-K Graduation this morning at 9:30 a.m. It was a nice ceremony. The kids sang some songs and then they each received a diploma and an award. They all looked so cute. If I can make the video short enough then I'll upload it here. I can honestly say I don't know how I'll make it through his high school graduation without a full box of Kleenex.

After Logan's graduation it was a mad dash to Kayla's school for her 5th grade graduation. It was a nice simple ceremony with some poems read and then presenting them with their 5th grade completion certificates. I got teared up watching this as well. What can I say except I'm a softie. Kayla apparently has inherited that jean as well because when she came back to meet us she was crying too (she claims tears of joy).

I'm looking forward to many more milestones with the kids in years to come. (No promises that I won't cry.) We're very proud of both of them!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Game 3 Orioles vs. Angels

Sunday was game three of the Tball playoffs and it was the Orioles vs. the Angels. Our kids were ready for the match up as we played them twice earlier in the season. We had a wonderful suprise just before the start of the game. Logan was changed from a designated tee hitter (meaning he gets three pitches from the coach and then gets two chances of the tee) to a designated pitch hitter (all five balls are coach pitched)! Of course we didn't tell him! His first two at bats he hit them really good off the pitch. (Who would have thought at the beginning of the Spring Tball season he'd be hitting well off the pitch!) His third at bat he had sand in his eye. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get a hit and he was a bit suprised not to get to hit it off the tee. But we sure are proud of him! He was excited to be moved up! Sadly we lost 13 to 14 to the Angels. We couldn't have been prouder at how well they played! What a great season! Go Orioles!

Game 2 Orioles vs. Diamondbacks

Saturday was game two fo the tball playoffs against the Diamondbacks. The Orioles played a great game and won! In fact the score was 23 to 11. That was one of the best scoring games we've had all season. The kids truly played as a team! So that meant a game 3 playoff.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life According to Logan

It's been a while since I've wrote about any loganisms or Logan musings. There were two that I found funny this week that I thought I'd share. Monday night we were getting ready for his tball game and he was changing in the van but needed help with his belt. Here's the conversation:

Me: Come here dude so I can help you.
Logan: I'm not dude.
Me: I'm sorry.
Logan: My name is Logan

Then last night we were arriving at home to pick up Kayla to take her to Thai Boxing classes and the boys didn't want to go with me. Here's the conversation:

Logan: I can stay home and babysit Alex.
Me: No you're too young.
Logan: I can take care of Alex. I can fix us some dinner.
Me: No you guys need to come with me.
Alex: Logan can watch me.
Me: How about we go to Sonic while Kayla's in class.
Alex and Logan: Okay.

That's life according to Logan.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pirates Last Game Vs. White Sox

I just realized I never blogged about the Pirates last game on Saturday. I hate to keep everyone in suspense as to how their season ended. This week Coach Steve pitched to the kids and Phil played the part of catcher. They did a great job and a bunch of the players hit off the pitch including Alex at his first at bat. They did some great fielding and paid attention. Alex did a great job at both third and first base. He was stopping the ball and was even yelling time like they do in the next league up. I think the Pirates won hands down this time. Way to go Pirates! Great Season!

Last Religious Ed Class

Last night was the last religious ed class for this school year. This year my class was much better and easier than last year's class. This year I taught a group of third graders. They were all sweet and rarely got too loud. I had a wonderful core group that loved to read the lessons in the book and a great co-catechist that I worked with. I did learn that one of their favorite activities was playing Catholic Jeopardy (note to self keep that activity for the next time that I teach), doing the Last Supper photo with Father Jack, and making our class banner. I got some wonderful thank you gifts from the kids. Hopefully they learned something from me this year.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eight Days Until

It's eight days until the last day of school for the kids. It doesn't seem possible that last August Kayla was starting fifth grade and Logan was beginning Pre-K. It's been a busy and fun year for us. We've seen the kids grow so much this year. Kayla turning into an even more beautiful young lady. Logan growing sweeter each day. Alex growing a bit more mischievous and sweeter too.

Next school year brings some new and exciting firsts and changes for us. Kayla will no longer be an elementary student but a middle schooler. Logan will be in Kindergarten and Alex will start Pre-K. Where does all the time seem to go? It was just yesterday when Kayla was born and we held her for the first time.I think I better stock up on the Kleenex now in anticipation of all my tears of joy.

Game One Tball Playoffs

Tonight was game one of the playoffs for the Orioles. The Orioles beat the Dodgers 18 to 12. The Orioles were able to keep the Dodgers from scoring any runs in the 3rd inning. They were able to score runs every inning. Logan hit off the tee at every bat this time but didn't get out any time he was at bat! Way to go Orioles. Game 2 of the playoffs for the Orioles will be Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Iron Man

For Mother's Day the whole family went to the movies. We got to see Iron Man, which was a pretty good movie and I would recommend it. The boys loved it and didn't fidget an inch during the movie. As we left Alex said to Phil, "Dad can you make me an Iron Man suit so I can fly." Phil said, "I'll try."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Orioles vs. Angels

Tonight was the last regular season game for the Orioles. They played the Angels. Tonight the Orioles didn't have their game on for their defense as well as they have had in other games but they had a good time. Tonight had a few player injuries - our third baseman took a ball to the diaphragm (but kept the runner from going any further) and our second baseman hurt his arm in an attempt to catch a pop fly. But they stayed in the game and tried to win it. Tonight was a big night for Logan. It was the bottom of the third inning - the Orioles were down, the bases were loaded and there was already two outs. Of course we were sitting on the side saying please, please don't let him get out. In comes the first pitch, swing and miss. In comes the second pitch, hit - in the air into the out field. Logan's hit scores two runs (which gets them to the 5 max for the inning! We couldn't have been prouder. Tonight Logan got another game ball for that excellent hit! He's so happy even though they lost.

Hopefully in the playoffs he'll continue to hit like that with the bat that's almost as big as he is and weighs 19 ounces! We're proud of you Logan!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Orioles vs. Giants

Saturday the Orioles played the Giants. I have to say it was won of my favorite and one of the most exciting games we've watched this season. These teams were clearly matched in their skills. The Orioles were able to keep them from scoring at least one inning and then the Giants did the same to the Orioles. Their last matchup the Orioles won by one point. The game went over the regualtion 1 hour and 15 minutes because in the 5th inning the Orioles scored 10 points (the only inning you can do that) and then the Giants came back and scored 10 points. The game ended in a tie 25 to 25. The Orioles had some great hits off the tee and the pitch.

Wednesday is their last game of the regular season and then the play offs begin. Way to go Orioles!

Pirates vs. Yankees (Game 2)

Saturday the Pirates played the Yankees for their second match up of the season (due to a scheduling snafu the week before). Both teams were ready for their rematch and played a good game. No one was placed on the DL list and we only had one player sitting out but cheering the team on. The highlight of the game (for the young players of the ripe age of 3 and 4) was the helicopter time out. Yes, you read it right - helicopter time out. What appeared to be a military helicopter (but don't quote me) flew over the field and every single player (in the dugout and the field) commented and stopped to look at the helicopter. When you're 3 or 4 that's a big deal. :)

Alex had a good game - with no crying and no complaints for the most part. He still wants to bat every inning but what ballplayer doesn't want to bat every inning. That's probably the best part when you're little. I think the Pirates won but hey I'm married to the Coach and I'm the mom of one of the players - perhaps I'm biased? (NAH!)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kindergarten Registration

Thursday was Kindergarten registration for Logan. I took the day off to take him there and just have a mom and Logan day. I picked him up from Pre-K at about 11:45 in the morning and told him he could have lunch anywhere he wanted. He choose Burger King. All through lunch he just talked about how excited he was to go to Kindergarten Roundup and how he'd be starting Kindergarten the next day. I tried to explain that he wouldn't start until August but he'd hear nothing of that talk.

After lunch we headed over to Duncan Creek Elementary to register Logan. He was excited to see the bus parked in front of the school and talked about how when he started Kindergarten he'd be riding that bus. We walked hand in hand to the media center to begin the process. Logan was given his first assignment - draw a picture of himself. He did a great job. While I filled out paperwork they did an initial assessment (what letters he recognized, could he count to ten, his colors, and shapes). Then we turned in our completed package.

We stopped by Phil's classroom at OMS since he was on his plan period to share our adventures and in Logan's words steal the van. We quickly headed over to the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream store and got some cones. As soon as he finished Logan made a new friend and played on the playground while I talked to the little boy's grandma (who by the way used to work with Phil at Dacula Middle School). We had enough time to run home for an hour and watch some Wizard of Oz before going to pick up Alex and head over to the Relay for Life Event at OMS.

Logan still swears that next week he'll be in Kindergarten. I hate to burst his bubble so we'll just wait until next week while he enjoys his moment.

Bon Jovi Rocks!

Wednesday night Claire and I went to the Bon Jovi concert. As promised no incriminating photos will be posted here and the only way to see many photos is to view them on my computer. The concert seemed to be filled with women and many who were over 50. I know I felt old because before the concert I called to make a reservation for Logan to attend baseball camp and I told the young lady that answered the phone they couldn't call me back that night because I would be attending the Bon Jovi concert. She replied, "My mom is going to that concert." Talk about feeling old.

Anyway we had great seats - the next best thing to being in front of the stage in my opinion. The opening act was Chris Daughtry who did a great job. Both Daughtry and Bon Jovi sounded great! It was well worth the price of the tickets to go to this event.