Friday, May 2, 2008

Kindergarten Registration

Thursday was Kindergarten registration for Logan. I took the day off to take him there and just have a mom and Logan day. I picked him up from Pre-K at about 11:45 in the morning and told him he could have lunch anywhere he wanted. He choose Burger King. All through lunch he just talked about how excited he was to go to Kindergarten Roundup and how he'd be starting Kindergarten the next day. I tried to explain that he wouldn't start until August but he'd hear nothing of that talk.

After lunch we headed over to Duncan Creek Elementary to register Logan. He was excited to see the bus parked in front of the school and talked about how when he started Kindergarten he'd be riding that bus. We walked hand in hand to the media center to begin the process. Logan was given his first assignment - draw a picture of himself. He did a great job. While I filled out paperwork they did an initial assessment (what letters he recognized, could he count to ten, his colors, and shapes). Then we turned in our completed package.

We stopped by Phil's classroom at OMS since he was on his plan period to share our adventures and in Logan's words steal the van. We quickly headed over to the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream store and got some cones. As soon as he finished Logan made a new friend and played on the playground while I talked to the little boy's grandma (who by the way used to work with Phil at Dacula Middle School). We had enough time to run home for an hour and watch some Wizard of Oz before going to pick up Alex and head over to the Relay for Life Event at OMS.

Logan still swears that next week he'll be in Kindergarten. I hate to burst his bubble so we'll just wait until next week while he enjoys his moment.

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