Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life According to Logan

It's been a while since I've wrote about any loganisms or Logan musings. There were two that I found funny this week that I thought I'd share. Monday night we were getting ready for his tball game and he was changing in the van but needed help with his belt. Here's the conversation:

Me: Come here dude so I can help you.
Logan: I'm not dude.
Me: I'm sorry.
Logan: My name is Logan

Then last night we were arriving at home to pick up Kayla to take her to Thai Boxing classes and the boys didn't want to go with me. Here's the conversation:

Logan: I can stay home and babysit Alex.
Me: No you're too young.
Logan: I can take care of Alex. I can fix us some dinner.
Me: No you guys need to come with me.
Alex: Logan can watch me.
Me: How about we go to Sonic while Kayla's in class.
Alex and Logan: Okay.

That's life according to Logan.

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