Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eight Days Until

It's eight days until the last day of school for the kids. It doesn't seem possible that last August Kayla was starting fifth grade and Logan was beginning Pre-K. It's been a busy and fun year for us. We've seen the kids grow so much this year. Kayla turning into an even more beautiful young lady. Logan growing sweeter each day. Alex growing a bit more mischievous and sweeter too.

Next school year brings some new and exciting firsts and changes for us. Kayla will no longer be an elementary student but a middle schooler. Logan will be in Kindergarten and Alex will start Pre-K. Where does all the time seem to go? It was just yesterday when Kayla was born and we held her for the first time.I think I better stock up on the Kleenex now in anticipation of all my tears of joy.

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