Thursday, May 8, 2008

Orioles vs. Angels

Tonight was the last regular season game for the Orioles. They played the Angels. Tonight the Orioles didn't have their game on for their defense as well as they have had in other games but they had a good time. Tonight had a few player injuries - our third baseman took a ball to the diaphragm (but kept the runner from going any further) and our second baseman hurt his arm in an attempt to catch a pop fly. But they stayed in the game and tried to win it. Tonight was a big night for Logan. It was the bottom of the third inning - the Orioles were down, the bases were loaded and there was already two outs. Of course we were sitting on the side saying please, please don't let him get out. In comes the first pitch, swing and miss. In comes the second pitch, hit - in the air into the out field. Logan's hit scores two runs (which gets them to the 5 max for the inning! We couldn't have been prouder. Tonight Logan got another game ball for that excellent hit! He's so happy even though they lost.

Hopefully in the playoffs he'll continue to hit like that with the bat that's almost as big as he is and weighs 19 ounces! We're proud of you Logan!

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