Monday, September 24, 2007

As vs. Dodgers

Saturday the A's came one step closer to a win. They not only hit the ball with the majority of the team hitting off the pitch they also fielded better than they had in the past. We ended up tieing the game at 19 to 19. The team played a good 1 1/s hours. Logan hit off the pitch and even scored a run. Way to go A's. Friday's game against the Braves will be a win!

Royals v. A's

Friday was the most exciting game that the A's have had so far this season. We've all been hoping for a win. The A's came close on Friday night. We had a lot of good hits by all of our players. Logan hit but wasn't quite fast enough to getting to first. He did a good job backing up first base. We were close to winning in the 5th inning but the Royals had one awesome double play against us. The third baseman caught a fly ball just before it hit the ground getting the batter out and then turned around and tagged out the player on third. We got another couple on base and lost with an out at home. But even though we lost it was the most exciting game we'd seen. :) Good job A's!

Tigers Rookie Team Update

This past Saturday was an improved game for the Tigers team. The kids did a great job playing and the majority of the players were able to hit off the pitch! Only a few players had trouble running to first base. A good game considering the majority (75%) of the team are 3 year olds! Alex even went out on the field without me (Steph) having to stand out there with him. All in all I think the Tigers were winners!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Directions for Manly Soap

Tonight Logan was taking a bath and says to Phil, Dad when I get older like you I can use your soap. The directions say get in the shower then put your arms around two ladies. Then Phil said what? Logan replies that's what the directions say. He showed Phil this bottle. (Apparantly Phil didn't know how to use the manly soap properly.)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tigers Game 2

Saturday's game was against the Giants. Well I'd like to say the Tigers won I think they may have lost to the Giants. The players tried hard but with a few errors (3 players running to the pitchers mound instead of first base) the Giants took the win. This is a great group of 3 year old players (with only a couple of 4 year olds mixed in). Alex did try his best and enjoyed playing circle and the infield. But like all players they all want to catch every ball.

And the Game Ball Goes To?

Saturday was an exciting day in our house. Logan had a really great day. Logan told Phil that today he wanted to get the game ball from his tball game!

This was Logan's 4th tball game in the new league and he was on the mark. He hit the ball off the coach's pitch! (Keep in mind in this league they now pitch from the pitcher's mound.) He backed up first base in the outfield and got at least 3 or 4 balls. He even scored a run and didn't get out! Even though the team lost it was a great game.

At the end of the game the Coach said we don't give the game ball to the person that always scores the most or catches the most balls. Today's player hit off the pitch, had hustle and really backed up first base. Today's game ball goes to Logan Reiniche!

Way to go Logan! We're so proud!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Alex's First Baseball Game

Saturday was Alex's first baseball game. Phil is coaching Alex's team this season. Alex (despite his eagerness to play when Phil coached Logan) is a bit of a reluctant ball player. But we got him out there. Just like every new ball player he always wanted to be where the ball comes to - which is first base and circle. Next week the Coach says that he'll let Alex play the infield.

Logan's First Baseball Game Photos

Here's some photos of Logan's first baseball game playing for the Athletics.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Competitive Baseball

As a mom the last thing you want is for your kids to be sad or hurt. This last weekend I experienced how competive Tball is at Logan's level. Keep in mind that these kids are 5 and 6 years old and that for some this is their first season in the league that actually keeps scores and where you actually can get out.

The rules in this league state that each child gets 3 attempts to hit off the coach's pitch and then 2 swings at the Tee. If the child misses then he is out. Well Logan was the first kid on the team for that to happen to. The coach on the other team starts yelling, "He's out! He's out!" as he runs onto the field. Poor Logan was upset that he didn't hit but to hear that coming from the coach was just awful. That's why there are umpires and what poor sportsmanship that coach is showing his team.

Luckily Logan has a good coach who said he doesn't care if they lose all their games this season because the kids will be better players than when the season started.

Life According to Alex

Phil: How do you know who are girls and who are boys?

Alex: Girls are mean. They don't give you what you want.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Keep Susie in Your Prayers

We just received news that Phil's Aunt Susie's brain tumor and lung tumors have both grown despite the radiation and chemotherapy treatment that she has received. The doctor's have given her a short period of time to live. We'd like to think that God has decided to show us a miracle through Aunt Susie and that somehow her own body will fix it. That's what we are going to pray for a miracle.

Aunt Susie has been so positive (that's all we've seen if she's had awful times she is a trooper) through each of the treatments (2 full brain radiation treatments and 3 rounds of chemo). I'm not sure if I could be so positive. She has so much to live for - a wonderful daughter and beautiful grandchildren not to mention her brothers, her sisters, and all the nieces and nephews (including grand nieces and nephews) that love her very much. I don't understand God's plan for Aunt Susie but maybe he'll reveal it some day.

If you're reading this blog please keep Aunt Susie in your prayers (and all of her family) and pray for a miracle. That's what we're doing.

Aunt Susie - we love you.

Spiderman or Venom?

Is he Spiderman or Venom? This is Logan in his reversible costume he got for his birthday. Should he be Venom or Spiderman?

Happy Birthday Logan

Happy Birthday Logan. I can't believe that is has been five years since you were born. I remember holding you for the first time and feeling very lucky that we were able to have another precious child. You've grown and changed so much in the last five years. Even though at times you can be very stubborn and set in your ways you are very much a loving child. It makes my day when you come up and say (for no reason other than just to say it), "Mom, I love you."

I want you to stay little but I know that that isn't possible just to treasure all the little special things you do know. I know that as you get older you'll still do the special things that are special for that age. I will enjoy watching you grow older and enjoying every moment of it.

We love you Logan. Love, Mom and Dad