Monday, August 17, 2009

First Week of School a Success

I think the first week of school for Alex, Logan and Kayla was a success. Alex is loving Kindergarten and thinks it's great! He loves his teachers Ms. Lawrence and Ms. Padova (Logan's teachers from last year :)). Logan is loving Ms. Argo and being in first grade. Kayla LOVES 7th grade.

What a great start to the new school year!

Man (Child) vs. Food

On Friday night we decided to venture over to the local Taco Bell (also known as Toxic Hell) for dinner. Alex was actually excited about eating there despite the fact that this Taco Bell doesn't have Pizza Hut pizza. He was all set to eat a bean burrito no onions of course. He was going to be like Man vs. Food and he was going to win. He didn't quite finish it but ate over 3/4s of the burrito but claims he won because he ate that much in less than 30 minutes.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's On Alex's Mind Today?

Tonight while I laid with Alex before bed he was Mr. Chatty. Apparantly he had a lot of profound things on his mind. Not too bad for a five year old.

First, when Kayla gets me age I'm going to be dead. (I sure hope that's not true.)

Then he proceded to ask me if when Kayla grows up will she have a baby in her tummy? I said well maybe when she's older and gets married. He said that he hopes it's a boy.

Finally he told me when Kayla is 18 she'll get her drivers license but first she'll have to take a test drive. She'll have to make sure that she doesn't bump into other things or get into an accident. (I must say that's something that's very important.)