Monday, May 19, 2008

Game 3 Orioles vs. Angels

Sunday was game three of the Tball playoffs and it was the Orioles vs. the Angels. Our kids were ready for the match up as we played them twice earlier in the season. We had a wonderful suprise just before the start of the game. Logan was changed from a designated tee hitter (meaning he gets three pitches from the coach and then gets two chances of the tee) to a designated pitch hitter (all five balls are coach pitched)! Of course we didn't tell him! His first two at bats he hit them really good off the pitch. (Who would have thought at the beginning of the Spring Tball season he'd be hitting well off the pitch!) His third at bat he had sand in his eye. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get a hit and he was a bit suprised not to get to hit it off the tee. But we sure are proud of him! He was excited to be moved up! Sadly we lost 13 to 14 to the Angels. We couldn't have been prouder at how well they played! What a great season! Go Orioles!

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