Monday, May 5, 2008

Pirates vs. Yankees (Game 2)

Saturday the Pirates played the Yankees for their second match up of the season (due to a scheduling snafu the week before). Both teams were ready for their rematch and played a good game. No one was placed on the DL list and we only had one player sitting out but cheering the team on. The highlight of the game (for the young players of the ripe age of 3 and 4) was the helicopter time out. Yes, you read it right - helicopter time out. What appeared to be a military helicopter (but don't quote me) flew over the field and every single player (in the dugout and the field) commented and stopped to look at the helicopter. When you're 3 or 4 that's a big deal. :)

Alex had a good game - with no crying and no complaints for the most part. He still wants to bat every inning but what ballplayer doesn't want to bat every inning. That's probably the best part when you're little. I think the Pirates won but hey I'm married to the Coach and I'm the mom of one of the players - perhaps I'm biased? (NAH!)

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