Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game 5 - Another Win For the Orioles!

Today the Orioles played game 5 against the Phillies. The first time since our first game we've had every player at the game. What a great lineup and talent we have on this little team. The first inning was a nail biter but after that the team was on their game. We had some great outs at 1st! Logan did great catching and throwing the ball. Alex paid attention the whole game in the outfield and even got a piece of the ball off the pitch. In the third inning the Orioles kept the Phillies to only one run so by the end of their turn at bat at the top of the 4th the score was 20 to 11. Since in the first four innings only 4 runs can be scored the Orioles had won. But since there was time the coaches agreed to have the Phillies have another at bat. This was a great opportunity for Phil to bring some of the outfielders into the infield and switch around some of the infielders.

The Phillies did score five runs in the bottom of the fourth but at least the other players on our team got to play in places they don't normally. What better way to learn than to get the opportunity to try.

Way to go Orioles!

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lisaschaos said...

Way to go! Yippee! Has to make the kiddos feel good!