Monday, March 9, 2009

Go Orioles!

Our first game this season was a make up yesterday. We played against the Pirates. The team we had just scrimmaged on Wednesday. This was the first time the kids played on the real ball fields as a team. We had many remarkable plays. Doubles, triples, and homeruns! We had some great tag outs and great throw outs at first. bSome great plays in the outfield too. In fact, the team had so many great plays it was hard to decide who to give the game ball too.

Logan played great in the infield getting one player out at second. Then when he was switched to circle tagged a player out on his way to home plate. Alex even got a ball from the outfield and threw it in. Everyone had great hits too. You can tell they did a great job because the Orioles won!!! Way to go team! Next game is against the Cubs, whose head coach is Logan's head coach from last season. :)

Here's some post game photos.

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