Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orioles at the Giants

Tonight was game 4 for the Orioles against the Giants. The Giants came into the match undefeated and having scored 20 runs a game (max they can score in 4 innings) against their opponents. I'll admit I was a bit nervous because either the teams they played didn't have a good defense or they had REALLY good hitters that hit to the outfield all the time.

After our first inning against them I was a little nervous since we only scored one or two points to their five. But our team stepped it up a notch after that. Logan caught a pop fly and got an out. KJ made a double play at second. We had some great hits - KJ a pop fly almost to the fence and Logan a strong hit that far as well. At the top of the fourth after our team had finished their turn at bat the score was 15 to 10. The worst that we could do was tie!

Remarkably we did better than that - we only allowed one run and got three outs! The score was 15 to 11! Way to go Orioles!!

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