Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kayla's 12th Birthday Party

Last night was Kayla's 12th Birthday Party at Adrenaline Rock Climbing in Suwanee. It's a great indoor rock climbing place. Unfortunately Phil wasn't there because he was busy with Logan and the All Stars game (another story). So Alex and I celebrated with Kayla and her friends. Everyone had a great time climbing (Alex loved the slide). They even convinced the spotter to let them climb to the top of the boulder (which 1/2 had already done)even though no one was 13. The girls were flirting a little bit too (yikes we're in trouble!). Here's a couple of photos of the night.

Here's Kayla climbing to the top of the wall.

Blowing out the mountain top cake.

Alex hanging out on the wall.

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