Monday, June 8, 2009

All Star Buford City Tournament Game 3

On Sunday the Mill Creek Allstars played game three of the Buford City Park Tournament. We played against Dacula's Gold Team (a.k.a super stacked team). I will say when we saw their players come out on the field for warm ups we all wondered if there were on steroids or were truly six year olds. Some were as tall if not taller than my twelve year old daughter!

We had a rough first inning but held our own through the rest of the game. We ended up losing 15 to 10 (if we could have skipped the first inning it would have only been 11-10). Our kids were hitting and with the exception of a few infield errors (which in all honesty they are only six years old and it's not like they're paid to play :) )our defense was really good.

Logan's first at bat resulted in a strike out. He's having a little harder time hitting off the pitch because he's used to a faster pitch than his coach gives him. Phil pitches faster than the other coaches on the team. So Phil's found something that is going to help with his hand/eye coordination so we can get his grove back on - we're definitely not changing up his swing since that's really good. He hit at his next at bat but unfortunately didn't make it to first in time. He gets really bummed when that happens. I wish I could find a way to make him perk up after that.

Logan did have two great throws in from right field. He almost caught a pop fly (he said he couldn't see it because the sun was in his eyes) but he made great throws into 2nd! We couldn't have been prouder.

Now we don't have any more games until District Games on Father's Day weekend. We'll have some scrimages and practices in the meantime. Phil's going to work on Logan's hand eye coordination for batting.

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