Friday, June 12, 2009

Kayla is Off to New York

Today Kayla is off (now there) to enjoy 4 1/2 days of fun with Unca T and Tiffany. :) It's been an interesting day. Kayla and I took the Marta down to the airport. That was a first for Kayla. We arrived at the airport and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company. Then we headed off to the security lines. We had a really friendly and funny TSA agent checking Kayla's ticket and my gate pass. Then we had a really cool suprise. As we're waiting to have our luggage scanned and while removing our shows who do we see about 6 passengers in front of us!! Tom Selleck! I kid you not. I wished I had the Nikon camera so I could have taken a picture. He looks the same in real life as he does in the movies. He looked like he was being really nice to everyone around him.

Then Kayla and I headed to the gate to find out that the flight was delayed an hour. Well an hour turned in to over 3 hours. The plane didn't leave the gate until 4:40 or so. She's now safely landed in New York and Unca T was kind enough to send us this photo of her in a cab. We can't wait to hear about all the fun things she does.

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