Saturday, June 6, 2009

All Stars 2009

Last night the Mill Creek All Stars Southern Division team played their first game in the Buford City Park Tournament. The team had a bit of an off night and lost 12 to 4 not due to their defensive playing but more due to the fact that none of the boys were hitting the ball last night.

Fast forward to today and they played much better. Today almost everyone hit and we won the game 12 to 10. Our defense was on fire and we were making some really good plays. Logan was doing some hustling today and had a great play from the outfield into second base. We couldn't have been prouder.

It's hard to watch the game and take photos so I took some of the practice and a few photos of "my all stars" before the game.

A Photo of the Player with his Coach.

Time for that serious pregame photo.

Wait for it, wait for it!

Got it!

Waiting for a ball to head my way in the outfield!

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Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Great photos! And congrats on your win the second time around!