Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trying to Be More Thankful and Positive

It seems like when it rains it pours and I was upbeat and positive about it all but then the tides turned when they totalled our van. Although I've been thinking it's only money and we'll make things work and prayer certainly helps. Things could be worse. Keep my co-worker in your thoughts as she was rear ended this morning by another driver and has had to go to the hospital. We talked some this morning and her husband assures me she's okay. Keep her in your prayers and hopefully soon I'll hear some good news. So I'm thankful that with our accident no one was hurt only our van.

I've also been reading another blog that makes me thankful for what I've had. It's a very positive and powerful blog. It's the story of a husband whose wife has cystic fibrosis and who is on the donor list for a lung transplant and the birth of their precious daughter (premature). It's really uplifting to read. So if you need to be uplifted please visit Confessions of A CF Husband and read it. I'm sure that the prayers for their family have done wonders as well.

So I'm thankful that God has only given us financial hardships to deal with and not physical or medical challenges. But if he does I'm sure he'll help us through that as well.