Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sunday - Not a Day of Rest

Sunday we did our usual schedule of going to church - although we did go to the earlier Mass since I was a reader. That meant we were home by about 10:00 a.m. So everyone relaxed a little while I cut coupons and we watched a few cartoons.

But then it was time for the yard work. This summer is the year of the yard. Since everyone (except Kayla now) likes to be outside enjoying the sunshine we'll be able to get more work done in our yard. If you've been to our house or have seen photos when you face the house and look to the right you'll see a row of trees surrounded by lots of leaves on the ground. Well not so much anymore.

Sunday had us raking out all the leaves, cutting down dead trees, pulling out vines, and getting all the dead limbs out. Of course the yard that didn't have the leaves now looks like a mess.

The best part was unveiling two swinging vines that now matter how hard we pulled they wouldn't come down. Kayla, Logan, and Alex have been having lots of fun swinging like Tarzan. Too bad there's only two vines or they could all swing at the same time.

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