Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Game 5: Orioles vs. Yankees

Last night's game had a little extra meaning for three of our players and one of our coaches because we were playing against a team that had our previous coaches as the coaches. The kids were determined to win. Win they did. The score 20 to 9. Logan had a good night. At his first at bat he did hit two fouls off the pitch with finally having to hit it off the tee and made it to first base. For his second at bat he hit it off the tee and again had a single and eventually scored the 5th run for that inning. His third at bat generated an RBI. Unfortunately there weren't a lot of heavy hitters on the Yankees team and Logan didn't see any balls in the outfield. During the fourth inning Logan got to play third base (which made his night). The Orioles played as a team and did a great job. Way to go Orioles!

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