Monday, April 14, 2008

More Outside Projects and Discoveries

This weekend had us working on some more outdoor projects as part of the "year of the yard". Saturday night Phil was able to cut down most of a holly tree (shaped like a Christmas tree and very prickly) in our front yard. Now the task is to remove the root system which seems a bit complex. While he did that I raked some of the bare spots in our yard and laid some new grass seed along with laying some mulch in the area we cleared the weekend before.

We didn't ever start the shed that has been sitting 1/2 finished for over a year now. Phil removed some siding near our front porch - only to discover that we had some termites. Luckily we caught it before they got into our house! He replaced the bottom four boards with some hardiplank siding and placed some cement below it so that there was no longer any ground contact (which we didn't know about until we removed the siding.). But all in all the new hardiplank (along with new sheathing underneath) looks very nice. We'll be replacing the siding on the chimney later this spring and now we know how to do it and that should prove to be an easier task.

For those of you who know Phil - you'll be suprised and proud to know that not once did he swear during the siding project! Even as it took us several attempts to get the siding level and numerous bent nails to get it hooked to the sheathing. He didn't get upset as I laughed at each bent nail. :)

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