Monday, April 14, 2008


This weekend I opened up the turbo style water guns since it had been in the 80s on Friday and Saturday would be near 70. Kayla was gone so she wasn't able to enjoy the fun but the boys really enjoyed playing with them, shooting each other and Phil and I. This leads to the conspiracy. Sunday (as Phil is trying to replace some siding - another story) Logan stands on the front porch and sprays Phil with the gun. It wasn't much but it got Phil wet and it was windy and cool that day. In retaliation Phil throws a glass of water on Logan. Logan upset says, "Now I have to go inside because you got me all wet!"

Meanwhile inside Logan convinces Alex to get some water in a cup, take it outside and throw on Phil. Phil hears Logan say, "Tell him it was your idea Alex." Needless to say (while covering up the desire to laugh) Phil thwarts their plan to get him wet but I bet it won't be long before those two conspire to get even again.

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