Thursday, April 24, 2008

Montana the Rabbit?

I think Montana is a rabbit in a dog's body. We used to be able to leave him outside in the fenced in back yard with Mandy during the day but we now have to leave him crated. I know it's not fair and it breaks our heart to do it but he jumps (used to climb) the fence. He looks like a gigantic rabbit as he does it. He doesn't go far usually. He jumps the neighbors fence on the left to play with their lab Duke and then ventures into a yard behind our house to visit those dogs, and then next door to play with Jessie's dog Marlee. I guess Mandy just isn't enough entertainment for him.

Well last night we really saw his abilities to jump. Of all the kids I think Montana is most attached to Logan. Logan lays on him, wrestles with him,and rides him. As Logan was laying in his bed getting ready to go to sleep Montana JUMPED up into the bed with him. This doesn't seem like much of a feet if you have a regular bed but the boys have a bunk bed and Logan is in the top bunk. I guess when a dog loves you he'll do anything to cuddle with you.

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