Monday, November 24, 2008

Power Outage - Too Short?

I had just finished dinner tonight and we were sitting down for dinner and the lights flicked off, back on and then off again. We were without power but it wasn't bad. We found the flashlight pulled out the matches and lit some candles. Phil, the boys and I ate dinner by candlelight (Kayla was at Thai Boxing). It was nice not to hear the noise of music or the tv in the background and just be able to have everyone talk.

After we finished dinner we head off to pick up Kayla and call in the power outage on our cell phone. We warned Kayla her chicken may be a bit cold but still it would be tasty. We got back and the lights were still out. We went around got on warm jammies and lit some candles. About 10 minutes later the lights all came back on. We(Phil and I) were a bit disappointed because we were enjoying the time without the tv and the kids were liking playing with the flashlights. Of course then I started cleaning up the kitchen and the boys were taking a bath.

I finished the kitchen and started to blog about the desire for the power to stay out a little longer and then the power goes out again. Of course by the time we got the candles all lit again the power came back on. Go figure. Maybe we'll make a light free night some time soon. (The upside is the heat will still be on. :)


~Jess said...

It sounds like you guys were having a nice evening...a no power evening might be in order sometime soon.

We've recently got rid of our cable. It's nice to be together in the evenings and not have something blaring in the background.


Kristin said...

Glad you made the best of a potentially yucky (no power) situation. My kids love playing with flashlights too.


Amy said...

I love having it nice and quiet every once in a while. It's amazing how much noise everything makes. Seems like you had a nice evening.


Michelle said...

No power is nice...sometimes but having heat is better. :) So no lights, no TV and heat would be the best!

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh that's a good idea! A "no lights" night. The kids would love that! Glad you have power now, though. Can't go TOO long without power, however would you blog?! ;o)
Thanks for the comment on my blog, things are getting worked out with Nana.
Enjoy your day!