Thursday, November 13, 2008

Logan's First Conference

Today was the first conference for Logan. I have to say that the teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about Logan. He's calmed down and isn't pulling strips on a regular basis anymore. He's doing very well in language arts and math. We got to bring home his writing journal and I'm sharing some of the photos he's included. One is of him and I going to Publix. It's hard to decipher but it says "I was at Publix and I was with my mom. Love, Logan" The other is one of him going to Michigan with Shane.

We also learned that Logan provides the teacher with "Loganisms" at school as well. We were told the story of how he was sitting on the carpet (his teacher was in the front wearing a skirt) and he leaned over to the boy next to him and said (in what he thought was a whisper), "She has old lady knees." Luckily his teacher (as all good Kindergarten teachers do) had a sense of humor. In fact, her husband asks her daily what new "Loganisms" she has each day.

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Great for a good report. :)