Thursday, March 29, 2007

What A Parent Won't Do

Last night was a long night at our house. At about 1:40 a.m. Alex comes trotting into our room and gets in our bed. I smell his breathe and in my mind I think oh, he really needs to brush his teeth because his breath stinks. Then about 10 minutes later in come Logan complaining of leg pains (which I attribute to growing pains). But wait 5 more minutes and I hear this awful noise coming from Alex. He has thrown up in our bed.

Phil swoops him up and takes him into the bathroom to clean him up. We have to toss him in the shower to get everything off of him. Then Logan needs to get in the shower because his leg hurts so badly. Well I say to Alex let's go sleep in your bed (thinking I'd rather have him get sick there instead of in my bed) and I find that he has already been sick in his bed (that's why his breathe smelled so awful). So I strip his bed and lay a flat sheet on the mattress (figuring as soon as I really make it he'll get sick and I'll have to remake the bed). Within 30 minutes he gets sick again - this time on my arm. Well after doing that at least another 2 times I finally say let's go snuggle in the chair downstairs (meanwhile it's now 4 a.m.).

We finally fall asleep in the red leather chair/ottoman. It seems like it's been only 20 minutes and Phil comes to wake me up at 5:50. It's decided that Alex will stay home today. But instead of resting he's giving Phil a run for his money. He's eating like there is no tomorrow or like he's never been fed before and then asks for more. You'd think that he'd be super tired but according to Phil he's like the Energizer Bunny and keeps going and going.

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