Friday, March 16, 2007

A Shout Out for Shot On Site

Most of you know (but I have some friends who read the blog and might not now) my mom and her boyfriend travel all around the country taking photos at dog racing events (perhaps not the right title but mom feel free to comment and I'll change it). Okay my mom's boyfriend Dan takes the photos at those events. But they do have spare time and in their spare time see some interesting sites and take some beautiful pictures (I should know I have quite a collection in my house). They are now selling those photos and if you're looking to add some new photos to your home or office you need to check this out. I'm always telling my mom that Dan needs to do a book of all the photos (and perhaps insert some of the interesting commentary that he posts on their blogspot at he's done. Until they publish that book with commentary check out their site at

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